Sunday, September 22, 2013


Autumn is my favorite season, as if I haven't said that already a bajillion times. I realized last night, two of our paintings we have (one in our bedroom and one in our family room) are of aspens changing colors! The bummer to this autumn-y excitement is that we don't really get an autumn season here in Vegas. It maybe happens for two or three weeks, and then is just cold and crappy weather. Utah is our escape for so many reasons, and we are so blessed and excited to get to spend autumn weekends there this year!

While our Utah weekends don't officially start until October, we made a trip up there this weekend. I follow Brian Head ski resort on instagram and saw them posting pictures of the aspens starting to change. Last year for our anniversary, I really wanted to see the aspens in their full beauty of colors, but we were too late. I was like a little kid on Christmas, jumping up and down showing Austen the picture this past week. He promised we would go this weekend. Cue my little girlish excitement.

Oh, and I lost my voice Friday from a nasty cough and a week of using my "teacher voice", so my excitement was coupled with a soft, raspy voice trying to sound excited as it squeaked in and out of octaves. Go ahead and imagine it for a minute... Cute, I know. (or not).

So Saturday afternoon, we headed up to Brian Head with some stuff to drop off at our storage unit. We got there in the evening and I was a hot mess as we saw more and more aspens in golden hues. Austen just laughed at my excitement as I cupped my hands together and told him it was like God was splashing reds and golds all over the mountain side. It was more beautiful like this than it is covered in snow, ya'll. The hubs even agreed with me.

We bring the dogs with us on all of these roadtrips, so after I fed them, Austen pointed out a trail that he said would take me through a ton of aspens. I was too excited to change out of my TOMS and into my gym shoes that I brought. Or get our real camera, so please, excuse the iPhone pictures.

The trail was incredible. It was about 50* outside and really windy. The trees blocked the wind, but the sound of it rattling through the leaves was relaxing. Austen did not lie about the aspens on this mountain bike trail, they were phenomenal. The sun was just beginning to set behind the mountain and their golden leaves were lit up like they were on fire.

I felt myself breathe deeply up there, ya'll. I felt my heart and soul relax. My hands were cold, my curled hair was being blown everywhere, but I didn't care. I might be from Texas, but I sure do love the mountains. I told Austen as much as I want to be near family, they might not all stay in Fort Worth, so I sure wouldn't mind finding our own home in the mountains someday. He agreed with me, again. Something about us comes alive in the mountains that doesn't anywhere else.

After dinner at our favorite pizzeria in the resort, we headed home. It was a quick trip, but my autumn-loving heart is thankful for it. I got to see the aspens in all of their color changing glory last night. I get to see them again next weekend (hopefully even more will be golden!), and that's after we've gone apple picking (whoop whoop!! this midwestern-raised girl is happy about that!). I got my dose of autumn last night, and now I'm going to light a BBW 3 wick caramel apple candle, finish cleaning our house, and enjoy some tea since it's cold and windy out here in Vegas now.

I heard Texas is having some autumn-like weather in the mid-60s this morning! Anybody else getting their first taste of autumn? Anybody else have little girlish excitement over the new season? Victoria at Happily Ever Strader had such a great comment, that autumn is like the fresh start you don't feel after the New Year. Can I get an amen?


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    1. Thank you, Victoria!! Utah is so so gorgeous in autumn. I think it might be even prettier right now than when it's blanketed in snow.


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