stoned (diy style)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch! This good Southern girl doesn't mean that kind of stoned, I mean the kind your drinks sit on at the dinner table. The kind that need to be properly sealed and finished to protect them from yucky water stains, to make them glossy and pretty manly.

Last year while shopping after-Christmas sales, I found stone pillar candle holders from Target for super cheap. I thought they were coasters until I got home and actually read the label, but they have been serving as coasters for the past seven months. They're perfect, but weren't sealed to protect them from water stains. During my family's visit, my dad suggested sealing them. This past week, I took the time to do just that (along with a bajillion other diy projects I'd be putting off!). 

I used Du Pont sealer & finish in semi gloss, from Lowes, for slate, saltillo, textured limestone, and textured travertine. I started to seal them and then realized I should take a picture to document it. The one in the bottom left corner had been started on, and you can see just how much of a difference one coat made! The rest look very flat and don't pull a lot of color variation. 

zero coats of sealer
yuck yuck water stains in the top right corner!

I literally just painted it on with a small paintbrush. I let it dry in between coats, usually about 15-30 minutes was plenty of time (sometimes less if I was impatient...oops). It had almost an elmers glue look to it while it was wet, and the one instruction on the label was to not let it pool. I made sure it didn't, but the stone would absorb the liquid so I made sure to put a little bit extra on parts that had some dips or little dimples in the stone. A little pooling made no difference, but it might if you were working with a larger surface like a bathroom.
one coat of sealer
getting glossier! and look at those yellows & rusts in the middle coaster! be still my beating heart.

I found an MIA coaster! You can see just how flat it looks compared to the other's two coats of sealer.

two coats, but zero for the bottom right coaster

three coats for them all
so glossy and rich in colors!

I gave them three total coats in the evening, and an extra one the next morning. I also flipped them over after the top had dried and gave the bottoms two coats. The sides all got three (and maybe four on some) when I did the top. After they dried, I set the dining room table, a coaster in each corner of the placemats.

I absolutely love the sleek texture, deep colors, and how one pulled yellows and rust colors! We had one coaster with some nasty water rings (as you can see in the first picture), and in the right light, you can faintly see those rings, it's not nearly as noticeable anymore. Now they're all protected so I know any water moisture dripping off of cups won't affect our stone coasters anymore.

It was such an easy diy project, I just wish I hadn't waited so long! I also want more stone to seal. I love the way it brought out colors and textures that weren't as obvious before. I'm definitely on the hunt for more stone coasters as the holidays come up again.

Does anyone else have diy projects they've been putting off and were really much simpler than they'd expected? Or ones they haven't done and are now going to tackle? 


  1. I never knew you had to seal stones to keep from getting water damage. Hm. You learn something new every day I guess :) Cute blog, deary!

    1. I think it's true of all stones, but ours being used as coasters, the water damage was inevitable. They look and feel so much better sealed, and we both feel better using them now.

      And thank you so much :)

  2. Now you furniture is safe form the moist of your drinks. This is one reason why coaster is so important in dinner table. to protect your table.


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