smoke mountain (mischellany monday)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The short work week for the hubs and the holiday was such sweetness last week. I love snuggled up to my love, both boogs curled up in bed with us. This week, we're back to normal routine and I'm excited for a little girls day this weekend with a friend I haven't hungout with in a while.

1. Our extreme temps have dropped from 117* to about 107*, so I've enjoyed some phone calls on our patio with my little sister. Sunday morning, we even had some rain and thunder! Makes me miss Texas and normal weather...

2.  Such snuggle butts! I'm convinced our dogs sleep 22 hours every day, but at least they're really stinkin' cute when they do. I'm also in love with this picture of Shiloh, because of how flopsy she looks, and all of the sweet stuff surrounding her. The abc pillow, big Denton ranch wall clock, cross wall, and kerosene lanterns. Mmm, the family room is so cozy.

3. Mt. Charleston is about an hour from where we are, maybe 20-30 minutes outside of the city. On Monday of last week, a fire started on the opposite side of the mountain, and by the Fourth of July, they had to evacuate the 2 canyons you can take to get up to campsites or the lodge (where we went for our 1st anniversary). The fire has yet to be contained, and our sunsets have been beautiful as the sun sets behind the smoke cloud. Lots of blood reds and yellows. Sunday morning's rain was all the sweeter, in hopes that it made its way up to the fire to hopefully squash it a bit.

4. Lilly & I started training for a 5k on Sunday morning. I'm not a runner by any means, and I hate actually running, but I like the idea of crossing a finish line. So at 6:30am, I put on my tennis shoes and turned on my running playlist. It wasn't much or by any means impressive, but at least I got out there.

5. I knitted again this week, because in my opinion, after the Fourth of July it might as well be autumn. I decided to knit another bow ear warmer in cobalt blue this time. I'm also working on a great chunky infinity cowl in a soft vintage blend of blues & purples that - hopefully - I'll finish in time for autumn.

Here's to a week of getting lots done (hopefully the mail hurries up so my final transcripts come so I can get all of my teaching stuff done!) and lots of snuggles with the boogs and my hubs.

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  1. Love your patio chair!

    1. Thank you! I did a whole post on the Adirondack chairs and our patio makeover in the post "fresh face for the patio" :)

  2. haha...Autumn hardly comes right after the Fourth!! I love your doggie1!!

    1. I wish it did, though! It's too hot here, I'm ready for sweaters and boots weather again. And thank you. They are our sweet fur babies.


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