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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank you, thrift shopping (and macklemore for the great song). I went to a local thrift shop, not looking for anything in particular. It was teacher love-at-first-sight with this chalkboard + dry erase board for $7. 

I immediately got to work cleaning it up, but could not get the little bit of waxy chalk off of the bottom of the chalkboard side, nor the dry erase marker stains off the other side. It became a war of me vs. dry erase board.

First up was windex. It cleaned it up a little but did nothing for the stains. Then I tried hand sanitizer, nadda. Next up was a Mr. Clean magic eraser. It got the marker and paint off of the wood, but nothing for the dry erase board itself. So I search pinterest, got some ideas, then I went to bed, content with trying more options in the morning.

I started off with baking soda, both mixed with water and dry. The water + baking soda made a paste that didn't do anything and neither did it dry. I turned to facebook for suggestions from friends. I was told a whole slew of them: vinegar, nail polish remover, scribble dry erase markers over it and wipe off, expo dry erase remover, rubbing alcohol, and to just buy a new white board (haha). I tried the nail polish remover, and it got off black stains but not the blue ones. I even laid down the board at this point and put a thin layer of nail polish remover on it, hoping it'd help. Nope. Then came bleach (per the hubs' suggestion when he came home from work). Same thing, and that didn't work either. Didn't even lighten it! My momma started texting me at this point saying rubbing alcohol or hair spray works. Hair spray didn't help either. 

Frustrated, and the fumes in my dining room were making me cough, I resorted to taking the easel outside on the patio. I left it there for a bit, then went out to sand it down in preparation of painting it. I came to the conclusion that if rubbing alcohol and goo-be-gone stuff didn't work the next day, I would just paint over it with chalkboard paint (as a new coat was going on the other side anyways) and have a double sided chalkboard.

Nothing like a shopping trip to Lowes to get me back in good spirits!  I got 2 cans (and quickly into it realized I'd need 3) of Valspar La Fonda Mirage (a sea foam color), a can of Valspar chalkboard paint, Scotch painters tape, and some marker remover stuff (because I was desperate for something to work!). Total cost for the Lowes trip was just under $35. Not too shabby.

I sanded it all down once more, just to be on the safe side. Then I cut a garbage bag in half and taped it up to the chalkboard and dry erase board sides to protect them from the spray paint. Word to the wise: be sure that the garbage bag doesn't come flush against the sides, that way your tape has something to stick to and then attaches your bag to it. I also went around and made a second row of tape, just to be sure there was no way extra spray paint got onto the boards. I spent a few hours in 117* spray painting, and thought it was great. After it was dry, I realized something very horribly awful - the heat caused it to not adhere in some spots.

So, I woke up at 5:00am when it was 95* to finish spray painting it. I first went over everything, including spots that didn't need it, with a primer. I focused on the spots that the spray paint hadn't adhered to the day before. After about 15-20 minutes of that sitting, I spray painted the sea foam color over all of it again. I gave it a few coats, with about 15 minutes between each coat. The day before when I went back for more paint, I got an extra 2 cans. Total, I used about 4 1/2 cans, but only because it didn't all work the first time. Realistically, it took me about 3 cans of spray paint. I was finishing right around 6:00am and thank goodness, because once the sun broke over the rooftops, it heated up fast. I let it dry just enough to touch and brought it into the kitchen on a towel to finish drying completely. 

I also would recommend taking tape off of the sides while it's still wet. It made a clean line and didn't pull any of the spray paint funny or anything.

I went over the chalkboard side with a fresh coat of chalkboard paint and it looks so pretty now! No more waxy chalk marks!! I haven't given up hope on the dry erase side, but haven't gotten anything to work, either.

I could not be more pleased with how it turned out (unless, of course, the dry erase board was clean...but you win some & lose some). I've already been practicing my chalkboard calligraphy for a cute welcome sign for meet-the-teacher. 

the hashtag is just for fun, ya'll. don't worry, i won't have 
that there for meet-the-teacher.

Lessons learned: 
1. Don't spray paint in extreme temperatures. I'm sure this goes for in the cold too, but it was incredibly frustrating to spend all time and money for it to not work.
2. Buy an extra can than you'll think you need. I didn't the first time and had to drive far to get the same color, and bought the extra one then. I'm so glad I did because it saved me a third trip.
3. I hate dry erase boards.
4. Branch out of your normal color palette! Sea foams are not something I would usually decorate with but I completely love it. I want to paint everything this color and decorate every space of our house with it, now! (don't worry hubs, I won't...)

Out of everything I have for my classroom, this just might be my favorite so far. Anybody else have great finds for your classroom, work place, or home? Favorite colors that you wouldn't normally decorate with, but love? 

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