is it autumn yet? (some things i'm lovin')

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's the weekend already, praise the lord. I'm having way too much fun on a girls date to IKEA in California, but I figured I'd still share what I'm loving with all ya'll while I'm off frolicking through aisles and aisles of pretty home decor. 

shopping: I don't overuse the word obsessed (if I do, holler because I have no idea that I am...) but I really am about this pallet wood sign! I mentioned in last Saturday's some things I'm loving that I was getting this made by Valerie & Jesse of Poverty Barn, and how cute is it?! It's going in our dining room. These words to Scotty McCreery's "water tower town" are so true; can I get an amen? I literally have to stop myself from making sweet tea on a daily basis and I grew up with saying grace before the meal, and love it. My husband says grace the way his grandad did (sort of our little humorous tradition), "Dear Lord, thank you for this food, amen." And they both pray it fast so it's kind of cute if you don't know it's coming. 

I also just got this in the mail yesterday (YAY!) and took some pictures, so I'll show ya'll how cute it looks in our kitchen (once I put the dishes away...).

by poverty barn

song: "need you now (how many times)" by plumb. "How many times have You heard me cry out, God please take this? How many times have You given me strength to just keep breathing? God, I need you now." amen.

diy project: I'm pretty over summer, and sooo thankful that on Thursday, it was in the high 80s! Apparently there was thunder in the morning, but I slept in through it. My day was so perfect as I enjoyed the cool day with soup and friends, I facebooked this status and it basically explains everything: "I want to bottle up the smells of campfires on cool rainy evenings, laughing with friends, and the taste of Panera Bread soup and baguettes." If the weather wanted to skip the 100s for the next 3 months (no joke, it won't cool off to autumn-like weather for good until close to Halloween), I'd be cool with that. In honor of my protesting summer, and in my need of a new wreath, I made this little cutey from a $4 grapevine wreath from Micheal's and some burlap ($6 for a roll at Micheal's too). Bonus: it's not super girly and the hubs loves it, too. (and yes, I know I need a new wreath hook...I really need a new door color but that's just not happening here)

food: I made the bacon wrapped dates recipe from bread & wine by Shauna Niequist - freakin' stinkin' delish. I made them for some friends from Austen's squadron and they liked them. Wrap anything in bacon and I'm sure guys will eat them. I had a couple of those and had to call it quits, they're so filling. On a lighter note, I'm loving whole wheat Wheat Thins with humus. Mmm.

book: bittersweet by Shauna Niequist. I finished bread & wine then moved right into bittersweet. Funny how I started reading it, and life took a turn for the bittersweet for me. I'm not as engulfed in it as I was in bread & wine, but maybe it's because my life feels more bitter than sweet right now. Reading about those moments in someone else's life is encouraging that I'm not alone, but painful. I absolutely recommend it, though. I know several people reading it and really enjoy it, and I do too, but my season of life is more about soaking every little thing up because it's about to all change instead of just relaxing in the summer.

Enough with the pity-party. I'm going to keep going through IKEA aisles with a sweet girl friend of mine and leave ya'll with my favorite picture.

picture: It's from our weekend of skiing for Jess' birthday weekend. I just love this picture of my hubs & I. Also, I cannot wait for ski season, and autumn (because that has to come before ski season), and snow coming down with the fire crackling while I'm cuddled up to that man. ;)

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  1. Okay I loooove that sign! SO cute! And your husband's prayer is also just the cutest thing ever. I know exactly what you mean about a little "prayer ritual" that you can say so quickly before each meal- my family had the same growing up! It makes me happy saying it before every meal :) I have seen "Bittersweet" talked about before, and I really think I need to pick up that book! It seems like something that could help me so much right now <3

    Thanks for linking with me, girl!


  2. I'm loving your blog! I found you through Shabby Apple's featured blogger post :-) (the skirt looked so so cute on you!). You and your husband are THE cutest! And that DIY wreath is a winner!! Xo

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Shabby Apple has the best styles, don't you just love them?! It was beyond easy to style up that skirt, and any of their clothes. :) I hope you stick around. Come ski season, there's lots of pics of us all bundled up like snow bunnies. Our dogs make a regular appearance around here as well! ;)


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