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Friday, July 26, 2013

If you follow me on instagram (katieg89), then you might have seen my awesome hashtag of #imightbeamish. I think I might be, because I'm totally the 24 year old making an Amish Irish Double Chain quilt by hand. My dream would to have quilts on every bed in our home. There's something so cozy about being wrapped up in a quilt instead of a blanket to me.

A few weeks ago, I got 4 quilting books from a local thrift store. The Amish styles book stood out most to me, and I love that in all of the series, it tells if it's a beginners, intermediate, or challenging pattern. I picked a beginners, in a style I like and got to dreaming up colors. Black, white, and grey seemed to be one that would have a solid look to it, without being seasonal or in fad colors (black, mint/sea foam, and grey was another option - but I was afraid I wouldn't like the sea foam in a year and wouldn't like the quilt...but let's be honest, that wouldn't happen! I love sea foam, now!). I'm really happy I went with the black, white, and grey as it is simple, a traditional Amish pattern, but with a modern twist in those monochromatic colors.

Instead of sewing lots of little 1 3/4 inch squares together, the directions have you sew strips together in that row's pattern, cut them to size, and then sew those into a square. I felt like I was sewing prison uniforms after 7 long rows of black and white alternating! I had to open the book up to the picture of the finished quilt to remind myself that I do like the colors, and the grey softens the starchiness of the black and white. I'm seriously loving greys, which is so not my usual style!

My Singer Promise sewing machine has even done so well this time! Usually, we have a love-hate relationship. I've gone through 1 bobbin so far (which I hate changing on this machine, but have finally completely, hopefully, figured it out) and 1 spool of grey thread. I've had maybe 1-2 hiccups but they were easily resolved, and (knock on wood) haven't had to rip any stitches yet. Here's hoping it continues going this smoothly, especially once I start piecing together squares.

I'm really excited to be working on this, and the luck I've been having with it so far! Thank you, Momma, for my sewing lessons in middle school. I even start day dreaming up my second quilt, when I'm not even 1/2 way done with the first. That's just how I roll, though. I'm thinking maybe something red, white, & blue? Or maybe just red and white?

I'll come back again as I finish more on the quilt. If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of little sneaks there.

Anyone else have big projects they've been working on, from sewing, to challenging recipes, or redecorating a space in your home? I'm hoping to finish the squares before the school year starts in a few weeks, so wish me (and my sewing machine) luck! ;)

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