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Friday, July 5, 2013

I hope all ya'll had a sweet Fourth of July. We spent ours with friends and I am reminded of how blessed I am by them. We went to our friends' house for a BBQ and spent most of the night laughing, taking pictures, and all around having a good time. 

My excitement over pop its/snap dragons (whatever you grew up calling them), my Brickyard Buffalo American flag scarf, and a BBQ with friends was too much to handle. I had been looking forward to the Fourth BBQ since I found out our previous plans of going out of town weren't able to happen. This year, I also chose to go more casual, as I have worn navy blue dresses the past 2 years. With our 110*+ weather yesterday, I chose jeans and a grey t-shirt with my American flag scarf for something comfortable with the focus on my kickin' scarf. So glad I did.
My hubs & I. What a love. The rest of these 3 pictures were taken outside on my iPhone, and we later learned that there's a forest fire on Mt. Charleston, about an hour from us, just outside of Vegas. It's the only place everyone in Vegas goes to in order to escape the heat. I'm hoping, along with everyone else, that the fires get put out soon so we can all enjoy the lodge and hikes up there again. The smoke made our pictures extra grainy, though. Sorry, ya'll.

Jessica! I love this woman. I don't know what I'd do without her, especially for opening up her sparkling clean house to us all the time for BBQs and dinners. This woman is probably the only person I know who will clean her house immediately after a party, at midnight, just so she can wake up to it clean again. She's a better woman than me, ya'll.

Not even the whole group of us last night. We had 4 couples, including us, and a few of the single guys (who we made sure to make homemade cookies, brownies, and chocolate covered strawberries - those boys always request baked goods when they see us wives) and a few of them brought dates. Looking at this picture, I'm reminded of how blessed I am by these crazies! 

A part of me wanted pictures that are all pretty, posed, in good lighting and on my good camera. You know what, that's not what happened. This is what happened, and I love them. Forest fire smoke, porch lights, laughter filled pictures from an iPhone. I love it because I love those people!

I hope ya'll had a sweet Fourth of July. I know a day will come when I'm not celebrating on a military base, and that'll be bitter-sweet. I wish I could say we saw fireworks, but no. It was too hot so the base canceled our fireworks show and from the smoke, we couldn't see the fireworks from the speedway or the strip. That's alright, I had enough pop its thrown at my feet to call it good.

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