texas trip, part 2

Friday, June 21, 2013

We spent 2 weeks in Texas, and I went into more detail on the first part of our trip here. Enjoy the instahash of pictures again for part 2: 

After spending the first week with Austen's family, we enjoyed my graduation party (that we managed to get ZERO pictures of, oh no!) with family and friends. His sister and her boyfriend came in town for the weekend and we kicked off summer with beers and a boat. Is there any other way??

And what trip from East Texas to Dallas would be complete without the classic Dallas skyline picture? You're welcome.

I was able to spend a few days with my family, and what sounds better than $1 Starbucks drinks, Central Market, World Market, and Austin Lorin clothing boutique? I was able to see my sisters' new house (which is adorbs) and got a Texan red wine and alcoholic sweet tea and sweet tea lemonade from World Market. This is my kind of day!

Austen & I also enjoyed a date night out to Grapevine Mills Mall with a stop for some lonestar popcorn, the Texan version of Chicago's Garrett popcorn (for the record, I still like Garrett's name better...). We got 2 bags of the Texas Two Step, one for my momma's birthday and one for his parents.

The last 2 days were spent at my parents' house. I went to get my momma flowers for the dinner celebrating her birthday, Father's Day, and their 25th wedding anniversary. I didn't find tulips (her favorite), but did get roses that matched their wedding color. Even better! THEN, I got excited. I found the peppermint hydrangea by forever & ever that I've been looking for in Vegas for over a month. I have big plans for this sweet thing.

Our last Friday in town, Lo & I spent 3-4 hours just floating around my parents' pool. We laughed, splashed each other, and she got me sunburned. Yes, my sunburn is her fault. I kept asking Little Miss Tan (as I was not) if I was getting a tan. Her response for almost 4 hours? "No, you're still white, keep floating." So I did, and I got burned. On the plus side, I used aloe so much that my tan set in so my peel isn't leaving me white. On the down side, I swallowed a June bug. We decided to both blow into a pool noodle from opposite ends. Lauren has quite the set of lungs on her, and she shot the water straight to the back of my throat, including a June bug. I almost threw up in my coughing/laughing fits. It was disgusting. My dad told me that evening that aside from it being super gross, as least I can count it as extra protein... lovely. 

On the Sunday we were in town, my momma & I saw Sister Act with the Dallas Summer Musicals program. It was hilarious, I definitely recommend it! We had such a good time, I'm so glad it all worked out for me to go with her. Plus, seeing musicals together is sort of our thing ;)

Leaving family and Texas is always hard, but it was extra hard this time. I really just didn't want to go. Yes, I missed our home and bed and whatnot, but it's just stuff. My family is irreplaceable and I wanted to be with them. Summer is more more bearable with them, sweet tea, and a pool to float in. Since being home, I haven't had any of those! I've been home pretty much all day, curtains pulled shut to block out the miserable desert heat, texting and calling my sistas. 

Can we get a countdown going for the next time we go back to Texas? Guarantee it won't be soon enough! 

On the plus side, I'm getting my classroom books organized by genres and everything together for my classroom and teacher licensure. Definitely excited about everything for my firsties :)

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