texas trip, part 1

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We spent the first 2 weeks of June in Texas with family and celebrating my UNLV graduation with family and friends who couldn't make it to Vegas. It was such a sweet trip! If you follow me on instagram (and should: katieg89) then the posts over the next few days will be repeats. We brought our fancy schmancy camera, and not once used it. Why, I have no idea. It was a really laid back trip, though, and I think that's probably why. Here's what the beginning of our trip looked like, via my iphone:

My in-laws treated us to drinks and The Great Gatsby one of our first nights there. I enjoyed an electric lemonade (yumm) in seats that reclined until you were practically laying down in the movie theater. I don't think we can go to the movies any other way, now. We liked it so much, we went our last week to see Now You See Me at the same theater.

I also taught the boogs how to drink out of a hose spicket. It was hilarious to watch Shiloh, as she didn't like how it splashed her. They also did some major snuggling, as per the last picture.

We spent 2 nights in East Texas with Austen's great uncle & aunt while doing some family pine tree plantation business. I learned a lot, as I don't know a whole bunch about the pines. We later went back out to East Texas (but a different town) to visit his grandma, but that was in our second week.

Majority of our trip was spent with Austen's family, which was really sweet. Lots of bonding time with my in-laws, especially as my mom-in-law and I cried in the season finale of Army Wives while Austen laughed at us... he was thisclose to being kicked out of the room. Lucky man, he wasn't.

I'll come back with more this week to share on our trip to Texas, so stick around :)


  1. Aww it looks like you guys had such an amazing time & I am sure the families were happy to see you!!

    uhh take me to that theater

    1. Girl - that theater was ah-maz-ing. They had waiters who came and asked if they could get you anything to eat or drink, too. AND, it was maybe $1-2 more per person for ticket costs. I won't be able to go to theaters the normal way anymore! Spoiled, spoiled ;)


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