my current love affair with hydrangeas

Monday, June 24, 2013

I am obsessed with them. Hydrangeas have a sort of Southern beauty that's simple and elegant with their big, full blooms in a variety of colors and even styles. I would love to rip out the weird bushes in our backyard and plant hydrangeas to line our house, but there's a lovely "no dig" rule on base housing. 

There was no hope for me planting hydrangeas until we move back to Texas, or so I thought. It started when I found a Nikko blue hydrangea at the BX. I bought it, a blackberry and raspberry bush (the blackberry bush has since died, and the raspberry is thorny so we have a love-hate relationship.) with hopes of a garden. I learned pretty quickly that, especially in the desert heat, my hydrangea needs almost full shade. My other fear was that Nikko blue's get big and how was I supposed to put that in a pot?!

Cue finding the plastic 1/2 wine barrels at Costco. Since my patio update post, I've rearranged the layout of the furniture and grill & smoker. I chose not to plant my hydrangeas this summer, but will in the fall when it's not so miserably hot (I really want to make sure they'll make it through the hottest part of the heat before replanting them). 

As I was doing research on hydrangeas online, I found through hgtv on pinterest that Forever & Ever plants has varieties of hydrangeas that are about 1/2 the size of other full grown hydrangeas, and are best suited for planters. It's like they made a hydrangea just for me! The peppermint stood out most to me, with it's little stripes of pink or blue down the center (ha, that now reminds me of a pregnancy test since I thought about it, and I like it all the more!). I started a frenzied search for them, but nowhere in Vegas carried them even though they're in our hardy zone. 

It took going back to Texas to find them, and on accident. Their website only shows Lowes as their sellers, but I found all sorts of Forever & Ever hydrangeas at Walmart (and 2 different locations - yay Texas.). Go figure. I snatched up just one peppermint in a one gallon pot (although I wanted all sorts of them!) and begged Austen to find a good, secure spot for it in the car. I even had to promise him that I would hold it on my lap if it didn't fit anywhere else, just to prove how much I loved this 1 gallon plant. Don't worry, ya'll, he found a spot ;)

I didn't want to chance this sweet little find dying in the summer heat, so I gave it a little spot on the dining room table for the next couple of months. Ya'll, it's going to be 113* on Friday. All of my plants, including my grass, might be coming indoors (just kidding). But I really might be finding myself a kiddie pool to float around in. Unfortunately, another base housing rule is that our pools can be no deeper than 2'. It might be time for the hubs to put my patio misters back up again...

nikko blue hydrangea

So that's my current little love affair going on with hydrangeas. I told Austen that no matter what kind of house we get in Texas, I want big hydrangeas in the yards. I would love a garden filled with white and blue hydrangeas, with some while lilies mixed in, but then again, hydrangeas in any color make my heart pitter patter. I'm working on figuring out the pH levels of our soil in order to turn the peppermint's blooms from streaks of pink to blue, though, just for the fun of it.

Here's where some of my hydrangea obsession inspiration came from:

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