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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Austen & I went to Chicago to visit my family this past weekend. My Grandma Rose turned 80 on Saturday, and it was so sweet to be able to celebrate with her and our family. Such a great reason to visit!

Allow me to share my favorite sight-seeing parts of Chicago! I've been going since I was little, but this was Austen's first trip so we had to do some touristy parts. My family also wouldn't let us visit without eating our way through the city. I gained 5 lbs (no joke) but it was delicious, and worth it.

Navy Pier - if you're ever in Chicago, you have to do this. I wanted to
go to Millenium Park too, but with the temp in thelow 60s and crisp wind, 
it was just too cold for that. Next time!

Ohh, the food in Chicago! My family is Polish and most married Italian, so we eat a mix between the two. Neither of which is all that healthy for you, but who cares. 
Polish kolaches waiting for us when my momma and auntie
picked us up from the airport

Garrett popcorn on the Navy Pier

Salerno's Italian chocolate gelato (after pasta & vodka sauce
and deep dish pizza...yum.)

Polish buffet lunch for Grandma's 80th

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