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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graduation weekend came and went. My family came in town for 5 days to celebrate with Austen & I, and we had such a good time! Later this week, I'll share my actual graduation day, but let me share leading up to it first.

My dad really wanted some pictures of the airplanes in Freedom Park on base, so he, Lauren and I took a walk with Lilly & Shiloh. Of course, we got daddy-o to take some pictures of her and I, too.

Please note me photobombing her in the background, dancer style ;)

We also enjoyed too many trips to the BX and mixed drinks on the patio...

On Friday night, my mom, sisters and I went to The Strip to see Tony 'n Tina's wedding at Ballys. OH. MY. GOSH. Go see it if you're in Vegas and you don't want something to cliche of Vegas show, or you want something where the audience interacts with the characters. Lo & I saw The Lion King when she came in town, and my mom has seen a couple of Vegas shows before. This one got great reviews and it was hilarious. You're definitely a part of the show and not just sitting there. 

Then on Saturday was my graduation party! What a sweet time to celebrate with friends and just hangout. Austen smoked ribs and brisket, we had sandwich stuff, Fannie May mint meltaway chocolates (such a Chicago treat!), chips and cupcakes. Yum yum yum. 

Karen & I - she was my mentor teacher for the past year and such an
answer to prayer! A Texas A&M Aggie, retired Air Force wife, and
first grade teacher, I'd say we have a lot in common. She was amazing
during my year of P2 and student teaching! So glad she could celebrate
with us on my graduation weekend.

And after everyone left and I changed out of my sundress, I enjoyed a cupcake
in my pink UNLV t-shirt on the couch as I felt overwhelming blessed by all of our
sweet friends who were able to celebrate with us!

 Allow me to leave you with one sneak peek of graduation:

There must be a little bit of University of North Texas' mean green eagle left in me if I was able to rock an eagle claw at my UNLV graduation ;)

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