painting fur babies, part one

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Katie W. of Sugar&Kane, went with me to Social Paintbrush for their first paint-your-pet night. I'm obsessed about Lilly & Shiloh, as ya'll know, and jumped on this. I opted to paint Lilly first, as she's my oldest and snuggle puggle. Seriously, how many puggle things have you seen? No, me neither. Reason to paint Lilly #519035761.

Katie W. has two Bostons, and they're precious. Lilly & Sugar have a love-hate relationship, but Kane and Lilly would make beautiful puppies, if they both weren't fixed. Picture black-and-white Lillys running around with lots of wrinkles. I know, I know: adorable.

After dinner and drinks (liquid courage, anyone?), we went to SP. Our pictures were pre-sketched onto the canvas for each of us. We were nervous to paint them because they looked so good just drawn on!

The group of us that night. My favorites were Kane and the black & white dog in the upper left corner, right above me. Stinkin' cute.

Sometimes, you just really need a girls night. Having a tapas dinner (which is fabulous, if you've never had one!), white wine sangria, iced teas, and ending with painting your fur babies?! What more could you ask for in a girls night? Except for maybe pillow fights. Everyone loves a pillow fight.

Thank goodness we both signed up for another paint-your-pet night. Shiloh had better look awful cute painted, because her's is going in the hallway right next to Lilly's. 

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