may 19, 2013 - GRAD DAY!

Friday, May 24, 2013

I graduated. Yes, it finally happened. And it was worth all 6 years of blood, sweat, and tears

A few months ago, my academic counselor and I were meeting for my graduation check and she said something that wasn't profound, but that I hadn't yet heard (the original post on it was here). My bachelors is mine, solely mine. I've been married 2 1/2 years now, and share so much with my husband. I wouldn't want that any other way, but my bachelors is something I worked hard for and that I earned. It's not our bachelors, it's mine. And that's exciting! (and Austen is crazy proud of)

So, May 19 at 2:00pm, I graduated college with a bachelors of science in elementary education! Here are pictures to prove it:

Six years of college, "FINALLY" was my theme for the weekend, and my cap mortar board reflected it:

Did you know that Jimmy Kimmel attended UNLV for his first year of college? And he was our honorary graduate this weekend, giving probably the best speech at a college graduation, ever. Here's the youtube video of his speech, then come back and look at more pictures: Jimmy Kimmel '13 commencement speech

Time to walk... Definitely excited now (and looking at Austen, not my dad taking the picture - awhhh.)

Officially a UNLV Rebel alumni!

I know it's my degree and all, but this man right here is amazing. I had 1 1/2 years left before graduation at the University of North Texas when we got orders to Vegas. He was such an encouragement for me during our talk about staying and finishing in Texas, or coming out to UNLV and losing credits. I will never forget putting together the rest of my Practicum 1 Analysis of Student Work (40 pages long, ya'll!) while Austen made me homemade Chipotle styled burritos and cleaned everything so I had nothing to do except my report. He has done that for the past 4 years in all of my college, and I have loved him for it! Austen has always helped me keep my head on straight and think things through, and I could not have asked for anyone better by my side through all of this! I love that there man. 

Class of '13

Whoa, cap hair!

This has been such an exciting weekend! After graduation, my family & I went to dinner at Claim Jumper. Dinner was delish, go get a soft pretzel (if nothing else) from there if you're ever in Vegas. 

Graduating college was such a big deal. I am the first one on my mom's side of the family to graduate with a bachelors degree. My Grandma Rose went to college (which was a big deal!) but wasn't able to finish for financial reasons. My aunt has her associates and has done extremely well with it, but I remember her saying since we were in high school that places want bachelors now and her encouragement to get one. My parents were both in the Air Force, and I'm the oldest girl cousin. I have no doubt there will be family to follow getting their bachelors, but I'm the first! Pretty stinkin' exciting.

Now to focus on my first grade classroom for next year, and looking at options that work best for my masters (in a year or three)... ;)

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