what I learned::week #3 of takeover

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Three weeks of full takeover are done! That's all UNLV requires of their student teachers, but I decided with my mentor teacher to do four weeks, so one more to go. And next week is reading week so I'm pretty excited :)

Here's what I learned last week:

1. The other student teachers are my community. I have been crazy blessed to have made some lifelong friends throughout this process. Staying almost 2 hours after school to bounce lesson plan ideas off of each other, explain different things, and just let loose and talk is a beautiful thing. Having had a hard time making friends when we first moved here, I am so thankful for them.

2. It's okay to not bring your work home with you. There were some issues this week that I could've spent my weekend worrying over and getting involved in. I deliberately chose not to. I can work through those things on Monday. (Disclaimer - these we're not issues of my own or my class, but someone else's and so not worrying about it did not affect the situation. I completely understand there are times when I need to "work" on my days off, and do.)

3. I have 1 week until spring break and 9 until graduation! Heck yes. 

4. My husband is the best for being completely understanding when I have long days at work. He doesn't gripe that I wasn't home in a timely manner or that I got us chipotle for dinner because I was too tired to go to the commissary. He is so supportive of me, and I love him all the more for that.

5. I can see now what things of my mentor teachers I will implement in my classroom and what things I might change. Sending home papers every night, Class Dojo on the SMARTboard, music playing softly, more centers, and using the SMARTboard more often are things I'd like to do. I love that her manner is so calm and gentle, giving a soft atmosphere in the classroom. I love her AR silent reading time first thing in the mornings and calendar/opening activities. Her classroom arrangement and writing-hands on-writing lesson planning is genius. It keeps students engaged and I love it.

Week #3 is done, with 1 little week of full takeover left! I'm excited to start handing back my subjects, but sad to let go at the same time. Saying goodbye to my firsties in April will be crazy stinkin' hard! 

I also have begun looking into getting certified to teach middle school English. I love my babies, but in the competitive market, it'd only help to have the extra certification. Especially being an Air Force wife, it'd be great to have that extra licensure when we move. 



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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Haha, definitely looking to do a few link posts to get the blog name out there some more. Yours is growing like wildfire! And package pen pals definitely needs to start :)


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