what I learned::week 2 of takeover

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The fact that I'm writing this 2 days into week 3 should tell you how busy I've been... And I'm loving it. Friday of week 2 marked my 1/2 way point of full takeover and that was an amazing feeling for the girl who burnt out on Thursday of week 1. 

Things I learned this week:

1. It's ok to write notes on your hands to remember things. Let's be honest, I'm never at my desk and barely look at my day planner (which I live by). Sticky notes have begun to get stuck to random places and lost (btw - if y'all see a sticky with my firsties' Wednesday spelling test scores, holler at me... they've been MIA since Friday). Notes on hands = I'll remember it at 2:30pm.

2. I am so so blessed. I have one of the best mentor teachers at our elementary school, as other student teachers go to her for lesson planning and advice. After hearing some poor mentor-student relationships, I am reminded daily of how lucky I am.

3. My kids are precious. I see other classes and think, "I am so glad to have the kids we do," and am sure they think the same seeing some of ours! But our bunch of 16 really are the best, in my completely biased opinion.

4. Spelling tests - make sure to send their Wednesday tests home on Wednesdays and their Friday tests home on Fridays. Grade 'em and record 'em (on more than just sticky notes) and turn 'em around fast! 

5. Parents cannot intimidate me. This is not their classroom; they are simply a guest in it. My students will still behave as needed, despite whoever else might be in there. 

6. What I teach has merit, despite the fact that I am "just a student teacher". I lesson plan, use the common core standards, and deliver it in a way that my firsties (usually) understand. I can, and will, justify myself when questioned by a parent on why I did X the way I did. And thank goodness for a mentor teacher who vouches for all I do.

All in all, it was a good 2nd week, and the 3rd has been even better! Only 8 more school days before spring break!... The graduation countdown has (almost) begun.

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