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Sunday, March 31, 2013

SB (aka: spring break) is so lovely. It was a sad realization that this is my last one as a college student, but at least I'll keep having spring breaks, Christmas breaks, fall breaks (if we live somewhere awesome that has them), and all sorts of days off for holidays. Just a huge blessing and benefit of being a teacher, especially when we have our own family someday.

Here's what SB looked like for me:

The last Friday before SB was the last day in Reading Week. The teachers who were in charge of packing up the books leftover from the students' book swap told the student teachers to help themselves for our classroom libraries next year. We were being humble about what books we took at first, until the teachers told us the more we took, the less they had to pack up (and that they didn't want to box them up!). I got almost a whole shelf full of books. What a major blessing. The best gift anyone could give future teachers!

A new reading corner in our master bedroom is our new favorite place to hangout and calm down before bed (or just in general).

Plenty of time to get ready = enough time to curl my hair! Does anyone have a faster trick to curl your hair? I use an iron, as rollers never worked as well and it takes me a whole stinkin' hour.

Boom. It's happening.

A Mary Kay girls night resulted in some MK samples, margaritas, and a fire pit with s'mores. Only the best with my sweet friends. 

I was lucky enough to have my birthday on the last weekend of spring break, so that has been wonderfully relaxing! The hubs gave me lots of kisses and a back rub, while I made up cupcakes and we took a long nap. The simplest things are so sweet! I'll post more about my birthday weekend later. Right now, I'm going to go back to finishing enjoying it! ;)


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