fourth tdy -- check!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The fourth TDY (temporary deployment) has come and gone. I am so lucky and blessed to have only had Austen leave four times in almost three years in the Air Force. His TDYs are short and sweet; they've never been more than two weeks long.

I have come to enjoy and appreciate the short time apart. We text all the time and call each other at night. As per our tradition, the night before the TDY, we go out for dinner. This time, we went to Lucille's BBQ in The District at Green Valley. I picked it for their sweet tea and sweet potato fries, he really wanted to try their slow smoked ribs. Hands down, his ribs are better.

I have learned to appreciate him all the more when he's gone. I enjoy doing less dishes, having a cleaner house, and watching chick flicks without him griping about how stupid it is from somewhere else in the house. But I miss him like crazy when he's gone. 

I am so lucky to have him, who is dedicated to his career in the military and loves me even more. This weekend, as he's been home for a full week now and we're looking into the next phases of his AF career, I can only appreciate him all the more. Someday, he will deploy overseas for months on end. But right now, I've got him here and out of three years, he's only been gone for about two months. 

We are so incredibly blessed. 

And I love sweet tea.

And so do our dogs.


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