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Friday, January 4, 2013

Confession: our Christmas tree is still up. Everything else is taken down and in boxes again, except the tree. It really is pretty, but I'm really ready for it to come down. I also think I need a weekend at the beach instead of in the snow, because I'm cold and grumpy because of it. The little wife wants sundresses, not snow suits, gosh darn it! Oh well, it's already in the 20s at Brian Head, Utah which means the days of skiing in the teens* is over. Hallelujah. 

I have managed to put out some red and pink paper straws on our chalkboard calendar shelf for a little Valentine's Day cheer.

And just a little picture from the end of our NYE to leave you with. It was -6* in our car when we took this picture... See now why I want some sun & beach time?

btw: Does anyone know how to get instagram pictures to size right in blogger?! Twitter won't let me copy them anymore, neither will instagram's website, and the full size in an email is straight from instagram's website while the little thumbnail sizes up grainy. AH! Help please. Thanks, ya'll.


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