texas thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mmm...Thanksgiving. Time to stuff yourself full of yummy food, hangout with family, and - if you've got my family - ride four wheelers and go huntin'. We love going back to Texas, and spending Thanksgiving with our families just might be my favorite.

Of course, you have to take Christmas pictures during Thanksgiving! Austen & I have no recent pictures of us, so my daddy took some for us with his fancy-schmancy camera and editing skills. Then, he showed me a thing-or-two about taking good pictures on our Olympus PEN.

Of course, I spent a whole day hanging out with my best friend, Maureen. We headed back to our old college stomping grounds in Denton and did some shopping. And the day was done all too fast.

East Texas is where my in-laws' family is from, and it is probably the most beautiful place in Texas. With a warm autumn this year, the leaves were in their color-changing prime and I was ecstatic. Especially since I missed the aspens changing in Utah.

Then comes the good stuff - his family has three and four wheelers (three wheelers are horribly unsafe, but crazy fun) so we spent an hour or so on trails throughout family's 300 acres every day.

And chores...

Then came Thanksgiving! There was delicious food and (my first time!) hunting in his family's pine plantation. 

Lesson learned: don't brag on and on about how you want to get a buck your first time hunting, because if you do, the biggest animal you'll see is a squirrel.

And then the last day was spent with my family again, stuffing our faces with Mexican food and watching reality t.v. shows while I repacked our bags.

Thanksgiving: check.
Christmas: here we come!


  1. First of all, LOVE the yellow off the shoulder shirt. Second, looks like you had a wonderful time and I am so glad you made it back to Texas for the holiday :)

  2. Your Thanksgiving looks so wonderful and happy! I'm glad it was a great time! :)

    I'm also so glad that you messaged Mandy!! Let me know if yall end up getting a portrait! :)


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