my FIRST knitted infinity scarf

Friday, October 5, 2012

I started my first knitting project on September 17 (thanks to signing up for ravelry on my first day of knitting for knowing that exact date). I started working with grey cheap-o yarn from Michael's and size 10 bamboo knitting needles. The yarn isn't soft or pretty, but it was easy to work with for the first time to see my stitches and the pattern. 

I cast on approximately 260 stitches and ended up knitting 10 rows, then casted off after those full 10 rows. Would that make it 11 rows? I don't know. 

One row took me about an hour to do at first, but by the end it was taking me about 30 minutes per 260 stitches, give or take. I also learned that it's easier for me to knit looser than tighter. Especially when you cram that many stitches onto a knitting needle. The actual way to knit an infinity scarf is as a whole circle with those double ended needles, not on traditional knitting needles. I ended up sewing both ends together with the same grey yarn at the end to make it an infinity scarf. I can notice where the ends were, but if I wear them at the back, nobody can tell. Right? I thought so too.

My scarf isn't for anything special. This was my trial piece, now I'm onto knitting Christmas presents :) I have a really beautiful soft, green infinity scarf I bought on etsy last winter. I love it, but never wear it while I'm skiing because I don't want to snag it. This one is definitely going underneath my coat to keep me cozy on the slopes next month. That's why I wasn't so worried about it - I know it'll be one that I'm not super worried about if it snags or gets worn out. 

It felt good to finish this infinity scarf. I'm really excited for my homemade Christmas this year now. My littlest sister knows about it, but seeing as how she's moving to Minneapolis this weekend, she's told me how much she'll appreciate and use it. I'm thinking about trying a new stitch - instead of the knit stitch, maybe the purl stitch? We'll see. Follow me on ravelry and keep up with projects there quicker than I'll blog about them.

Does anyone else have anything sweet they've been working on? I'm really excited about these scarves for Christmas because I picked up the sweetest autumn color, and pink (because my littlest sister loves pink; who doesn't?). I'm all for the autumn colors seeping into decorations and my outfits. It makes me all the more excited to get our ski season passes in Utah soon to see the aspens changing colors and dustings of snow. Mmm...I love autumn and winter. 

For all of the details on my knitting project, check out my ravelry page on this project!

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