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Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm addicted to knitting. Today I went to Sin City Knit Shop for a few hours because Debbi said she'll teach me how to knit fingerless mittens. She's the store owner and absolutely the sweetest. I'm working on my cowl and got matching yarn to make fingerless mittens with for our 2 year anniversary weekend in Utah. Debbi was right when she said the fingerless mittens are easy enough for me to make as a beginner! I'm about 1/2 way done as I knitted up to the thumb gusset. I'm going back this week so she can help me on the thumbs and how to finish. I'm hoping to knock out a lot of knitting this week so I can wear my new cowl and fingerless mittens to Utah this weekend. I have at least 2 more inches to knit on my cowl and will be done with the mittens in the next day or so. YAY!

Oh, yes. I'm working two sets of circular needles at the same time, from the same ball of yarn. And (surprisingly) I'm keeping them pretty organized.

My pretty cowl :) The stockinette stitch is on the inside (i accidentally did that when i casted on. i know exactly what i did wrong, but i plan on just flipping it inside out and steaming it stockinette stitch out.)

There's something so pretty about balls of yarn being used. The small one is for my cowl, the other for my fingerless mittens. This is one of the ultra alpaca blends (50% alpaca, 50% wool) and the colors are amazing. Red/brown with hints of curry and purple. And it's wonderfully soft. 

 I'll keep ya'll updated with this project. I'm really hopeful I can finish it by our little anniversary trip. Plus, Utah looks to be cold. Brian Head Ski Resort is in the 30s this weekend, so I'm assuming not on the mountain peaks will be in the 40-50s. Brr. :)

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  1. Everything is looking great! Can't wait to see you bundled up in your knitted goodies


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