social paintbrush - take two

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last night was my 2nd Social Paintbrush girls night, and it was so much fun (as usual). Julia and I did some Home Goods shopping while we were up in that area, then picked up Katie and Amy for dinner at the Italian restaurant and wine bar next door to SP. It was delicious (as usual) and we laughed way too much over awkward "the first time I got sick in front of my husband" stories. But that's what good friends are for, right? Laughing over the stuff that shouldn't be funny, but is. 

I think they aren't going to let us back into SP together ever again, because we laughed way too much and were borderline obnoxious. But when you've had a glass of wine and have no artistic skills, you have to laugh at yourself (and each other). Especially when Julia is told her autumn leaves look like they're on she makes the girl-on-fire (Katniss from The Hunger Games) hiding in her aspen trees, complete with bow and arrow. She even went so far as to paint 2 black dots at the bottom of the leaves for Peeta, camouflaged of course. We laughed so hard, we cried. It was brilliant. 

I search high-and-low for puggle decor, and finally found a pug that looks close enough to a puggle! Home Goods had gold and black pug bookends, and seeing as how my other bookend is a gold and black peace sign (which my girlfriend Sarah of Silly Incantations has the other one to) I figured it was meant to be. I have since rearranged the books three different times since last night and finally like how it looks (not the same way in the picture, sorry ya'll). I was just so thrilled to find this little cutie for $10. If you ever find cute puggle stuff (most of it's dorky) puh-lease let me know!

I just love good Saturday nights with sweet friends. They really make all the difference.


  1. eeek How i LOVE my peace bookend! I cannot wait to put it up when I move into my new place in a few weeks!

    Love the new book end addition :)

    1. Thanks hon! I was just looking at my peace sign bookend today and it's starting to chip paint and look a little ragged, lol. That bookend has been all over with me though! I love it, and am excited you've still got the other half :)

  2. It looks like you had a great time, nothing like shopping and painting ;)



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