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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My long weekend trip to St. Louis, MO was so lovely. I grew up there for 14 years, before moving to Texas 3 week before I started my senior year of high school (yes, i was not thrilled about that move. but obviously came around.), and while trips back to St. Louie are not frequent anymore, they are much enjoyed. Last time I was back was October 2010 for Joe & Jesse's wedding! Going back to see their beautiful baby girl was a really sweet next visit.

sweet puggle before i left

My first night there, Joe & Jesse, baby Oliva, and I went to dinner at 54th Street to celebrate our good friend, Megan's 24th birthday. Of course, who can resist a picture of a sweet sleeping baby? 

happy birthday, megan!

On Saturday, Jesse & I played. First, we stopped in Cottleville to see where Poverty Barn & Friends is going to set up shop. Their estimated open date is October 1. Pictures are posted on their facebook page of the inside too - so cute!

Then to my high school that I attended my freshman-junior year: Francis Howell Central High School. Home of the Spartans. When I took Austen to St. Louis in May 2010, I drove him by here and he literally asked when he saw our football field, "So is this your practice field?" Yup. Football is a bigger deal in Texas, babe. Our every-game field is the equivalent of ya'lls practice field. I didn't even bother to show him the swamp that was FHC's practice field (and maybe still is. those mosquitos were the size of baseballs, i swear.).

And then onto my childhood home of 14 years! Sooo many memories... 

Sunday, after church and lunch with her extended family at Panera Bread (a sunday tradition for them), Jesse & I headed to Main Street in Old Town St. Charles for the annual Festival of the Little Hills. Old Town is one of my favorite places, and always has been. The Festival of the Little Hills is one of my favorite events. They close down Main Street, vendors set up there and along the river front, smells of BBQ and fresh lemonade fill the air, and it's just a really great family event. Jesse & I had such a good time hanging out for a couple of hours here, meandering in and out of shops (i highly recommend siostra: polish pottery and gifts if you go). 

And this is the shop where Valerie & Jesse currently have Poverty Barn products in! I loved it, with exposed brick walls and an open layout, it is adorable. The perfect place for small businesses to grow in!

Then Olivia tried her first vegetable and I couldn't resist all the pictures. Neither could Joe. And then a photo war broke out between him and I. Don't worry, I deleted all but one...

Monday meant some mall and goodwill browsing, and lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Yumm.

Chicken Caesar Salad off of the appetizers menu. Delish.

 the cutest redheads there is!

mr. & mrs. perkins, jesse, and baby o
on monday night after dinner at bandanas with jesse's family 

But, of course, all good vacations must come to an end. I think the Grand Canyon, or some big canyon at least, is down there. Reading Real Simple and listening to my ipod on shuffle for 3 1/2 hours (like a vacation in itself! how often do you do that for that long?!), I came home to my hubs and fur babies, who were beyond excited to see me. It was sweetness.

So here's to great vacations, starting off my final year of college well rested, and with some great thrifting and antiquing finds, nonetheless!

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  1. We enjoyed your visit, Katie. I hope you come back soon!


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