shootin' sunday

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A normal Sunday afternoon in our home is lounging on the couch, catching up on cleaning, and just being lazy under quilts with the dogs piled on top, begging for attention. This past Sunday, however, we got a little country up here in Vegas. 

what our saturday night looked like :)

We went to a local shooting range with our friends Gregg & Julia. Austen & I used to go shooting at family land in Texas, but here in the desert, we feel safer going to a range. Julia had been shooting for her first time about a week before and was still unsure. While the boys and I had a good time with the 22 pistol and rifle, a WWII sniper rifle, and glock.

The 22 rifle has been lovingly deemed "mine" by the hubs, because it's the one I'm most comfortable with and ammo is cheap, so I can shoot it all I want. The glock, I'm getting used to... That sucker packs a punch! I learned from one of the employees when I shoot the glock, I hold my breath the whole time and squint my eyes shut when I pull the trigger. I at least breathed through shooting by the end of the day. Shutting my eyes? Maybe next time we'll work through that.

So far, so good!

Julia preferred to watch when we moved from the pistol side to the rifle side. I can't say I blame her, because rifles are louder and (usually) have quite a kick to them. Especially Austen's WWII sniper rifle. 

For Christmas, Austen was given a new scope and bi-mount for the rifle. He uses it for deer hunting back in Texas, but he has yet to take it hunting with the new additions to it. I prefer shooting it with the bi-mount than holding it up (like we used to), but that's just my preference.

We set up the 22 rifle on the rifle side too to shoot. 

yes, i totally wore a francesca's shirt with a skinny belt, shorts, and
bow flip-flops from anthropologie to a shooting range. and i'm
so short my feet don't completely touch the ground. 

My turn with the WWII sniper rifle :) I learned after going through all the pictures Austen got of me shooting it that I squint when I shoot this gun. I think it's because I know it'll be loud and kick a little, so I prepare myself for it. 

I instagramed a picture of me and the WWII sniper rifle and captioned it saying, "You can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the girl." Can I get an amen?? 

We had such a fun time. The 22 rifle is definitely my go-to gun. Anyone else have a favorite to shoot? 

*I'd like to make this clear for those against hunting - my married side of the family all hunt, and do so humanely and don't hunt simply for pleasure, but use all of the parts of the animal as well. In my opinion, if you hunt or fish just to mount an animal, then it's not done in context, but if you hunt and eat the meat then it's okay. Just my 2 cents. We also keep our guns properly secure when not in use.*

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