mt. charlie with the familie

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(yes, i know family is spelled with a "y" not "ie" - at least in english - but it's a play on words, people! and, it rhymes. go ahead, say it out loud so you can hear it. did you giggle? i did.)

Mount Charleston - God's get-away to the Las Vegas valley. Last weekend, we took a day trip up there with my husband's cousin and his family, Kris & Hope, and their daughter, Ellie. It was such a sweet trip because Hope recently announced their pregnancy with their second daughter! Spending a family weekend in the mountains, making sandwiches and Ellie picking flowers for hours, and standing very far away from the small campfire, was the perfect Saturday!

Lilly & Shiloh came along for the trip! While they stayed in the car for the majority of the time we spent at the campsite, we took them on a 1/2 mile hike before going to the lodge for dessert. Hope and Ellie made the little hike with us. Ellie hitched a ride on Hope's back, and when Austen kept asking how Hope was doing, she would reply, "I'm good," and Ellie would chime in, "I'm good too!!" ...I really wish I could go for hikes on people's backs.

By the lodge, you can see the mountains all around you, and then you can see down into the valley too. It's so gorgeous, you feel so secluded, like you're far away from it but get a glimpse every now-and-then of the desert.

While we were too busy talking, making sandwiches, and having fun at the campsite to take many pictures, Hope did take one of Ellie and I while we waited for dessert at the lodge. Ellie was fascinated with all of the hummingbirds, but tired (can't blame her, we had a busy afternoon!) and afraid they'd poke her eyes out. Where she got that idea, we had no clue! But isn't she the cutest?!

And coming home, we had the most beautiful sunset! I threw the second picture in there too, because I like the coloring of it better, but it has telephone poles in it. Photoshop, anyone?

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