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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The hubs & I love roadtrips and little mini vacations for the weekend. One of our favorite things about living in Las Vegas (well, just about the only thing we like) is being so close to Utah and California! A couple of weekends ago, we took a trip out to Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California for a couple of nights. We left Friday after I got off work, and came home Sunday afternoon. And while I hate the desert, the sunsets are pretty beautiful. Especially in Death Valley.

i was told once that the best black-and-white pictures are ones
where pure white beats pitch black. 

The hubs is obsessed with camping. We recently upgraded from a 1 1/2 person tent to a 6 person! Camping with 2 adults and 2 dogs is much more enjoyable now. This is our bright orange home-away-from-home. Complete with my quilt I found for $10 at a garage sale. 

We stayed at San Onofre Beach on Camp Pendleton. The marine base is huge and this is on the far northwest side of the base. It wasn't luxurious, but for camping on the beach, it wasn't too shabby! Very crowded, and foggy all weekend long (not sure if that's normal weather for it), but overall a nice camping experience! We'd recommend Churches campsite for tent camping, if you go :)

Saturday morning, we woke up with about 5 hours of sleep, after getting lost on base at 1:00am trying to find our campsite, to then being kept awake by loud crazies next to us. While waiting for the office to open so we could move campsites, we took a walk on the beach. It was foggy and cool outside (stayed in the mid-60s to low-70s all weekend!), and the hubs & I enjoyed our walk along the water.

After moving to the Churches campsite, we headed for donuts (a treat in California since we don't have any real, good donut shops near us), then to Carlsbad Strawberry Field, right outside of Oceanside. It was a little bit pricey, and we weren't told to stay within the taped off area, so we apparently picked strawberries that were treated with pesticides (oops). But, overall, we had a really nice morning! It reminded me of the west coast's version of apple picking in Missouri in the fall.

After eating too many fresh strawberries, it was off towards San Diego for Bernardo Winery. It's the oldest winery in Southern California, and absolutely adorable. They still grow their own grapes and make their own wines, and while most of the surrounding land has been sold off, they have kept the sweetness to their vineyard that was so enjoyable to walk around! We explored the area before a wine tasting, and Austen snapped some pictures while we looked around. And yes, there was an outfit change so I was more "winery appropriate" (I really just wanted to wear my cute new Shabby Apple skirt).

"no more pretty pictures!!"

Austen & I highly recommend the wine tasting there! We had never been to a winery before, let alone a wine tasting. I'm very picky about wines, and will sip on one glass all evening long. I went with their sweet wine list, while hubs tried their reds. We'd each try each others too. It was $10 for 5 wines total, and very affordable! We ended up leaving with a burgundy and muscat cannelli. Funny story - they don't actually make the muscat cannelli's they sell, another winery does. I was disappointed in this, but loved the wine so we got a bottle anyways. While unpacking when I got home, I realized the wine was made in Paso Robles, California. I was born there!! So while it wasn't made at Bernardo Winery, I am pretty excited to have a wine from the town I was born in :)

austen calls me his "sweet pea", so we got a picture with this. he
later got me a mug with "sweet pea coffee cottage" on it.

On site is also where they keep the old redwood barrels they used to use during the wine making process. They now use American oak, but those are away from the public viewing area. We walked around the old housing area for the redwood barrels and it smelt so good - like wine and wood - and was so pretty to look at.

california is so pretty :)

We spent Sunday morning on the beach for a little bit, watching surfers and just enjoying a lazy morning! We headed home in the early afternoon, straight into a huge thunderstorm right in Death Valley (that doesn't happen often!) and saw some incredible clouds.

Overall, it was a lovely mini vaca! We definitely recommend San Onofre beach, and while dogs aren't allowed on the beach, you can have them at our campsite (which we did). We had such a good trip and can't wait to go back.

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