Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quick update - I RODE PEPPER!! I've been helping out around the stables for a week consistently, and been around for the past few weeks. Tiffany said she wanted to saddle Pepper, see how she did, wear her out a little and then put me on. I rode for about 20ish minutes and it felt so good. All I've done before was trail rides (which don't really count. sorry.) so it was really rewarding to be riding Pepper. Tiff and I were saying the dream is for her to ride Pepper while I ride Chanel. Hopefully someday ;)

Speaking of, Chanel has been doing great. I'm learning her moods, and tonight, I just wasn't her favorite person. She wasn't needy and just looked at me like I was bugging her. She wasn't horribly pushy about her food, and even let Tiffany clean her hooves (a big deal for Chanel). Afterwards, I was rubbing her and she was not having it. It was one of those, "Katie, you fed me, I let ya'll clean my hooves, now back off and let me finish my dinner!" So I did. Most nights, she's needy and wants to nuzzle me, but tonight was not one of those nights. I'm still estatic that she let Tiffany clean her hooves and it took only about 5 minutes vs the 15-20 minute fight she put up a few nights ago. It's so great to see all of the leaps and bounds she's making. She's got LOTS of potential, and it's so great to see.

Today is another day. Hopefully Chanel will be loving and we can get some arena/round pen time. Tiff is going to teach me how to lunge Chanel. She doesn't like using the lunge rope, and while I've never done it before, she said screw the lunge rope and jump in with her going on her own. Wish me luck... ;)

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