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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm such a country girl, and the desert can drive me nuts sometimes! I have learned this past week that an even closer escape than skiing in Utah is the horse stables on base. Not just anyone can go over there, you have to be a horse owner or horse sitting for someone. Lucky me, my neighbors have a horse ;)

Anthony grew up on a farm and they raised horses for cowboy purposes. He knows all sorts of ins and outs - from giving them shots to taking care of hooves, what feed to use when, and how to talk horse with your body language. His wife, Tiffany, helped in stables when she was a teenager, but never owned. They and their daughter have Pepper, a gorgeous mare with a personality just as spicy as her name. 

I've been learning ins and outs from them for a couple of weeks now, but this past week they started horse sitting for a guy at the stables who has Chanel, a 7 year old mare. He's gone for a couple of weeks, and then for a couple of months on a deployment, both of which they're watching Chanel for. She needs lots of love, from more food to attention to little care here and there to just bring her up to speed on where she should be. The past week, I've been helping with all her chores and just loving on her. Nothing like a needy 1,000lb horse to brighten your evening!

Today was an exceptionally great morning with her, because she's barn bound, she hates leaving her stall. It took Anthony a minute to coax her out and lead her to the round pen. She started playing horsey and showed us she's got some spunk in her step, and then while she didn't like lunging with a lunge line, she was ah-maz-ing without it! It was really fun to see, and she kept her firey spirit up in the arena with their mare, Pepper. 

Hopefully tonight, I'll get to do some riding on Pepper. They think Chanel is only green broke, and I'm not ready for that yet. Maybe by the end of the summer, I'll be able to ride Chanel. 

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