Monday, June 27, 2011

This post makes me excited. Why? Because my hutch is finally done! It seems like everyone and their mother has a hutch, which is the cuter version of a china cabinet. When I asked Austen if we could buy one, he said no because he doesn't want to move something that big around from base to base. And I know if I bought one and refurbished it, there was no way I was parting with it when we PCS.

So I found this beauty at a garage sale on base for $10 and managed to fit it into my Prius, and Austen likes it because it's smaller than the normal hutch and was cheap:

So after Austen took off the door and all hinges, and I taped all the glass off, I primed it white (sorry I didn't take a picture) and then began the discussion: black or brown. All of our entertainment furniture in the family room/dining room is black. All big pieces of furniture (the couch and kitchen table) are brown. We went back and forth, but finally decided on brown. 

Saturday night, we got the paint and I got to work! It took me 3 coats, 2 that I did Saturday night and the last Sunday afternoon. Lots of frustrating touch up paint but I finally finished! Austen helped me bring it in the dining room and put on the door again. 

We put my Polish pottery on the top 3 shelves that are glass, and the bottom two that are hidden hold our cookbooks and a glass cake display. I love it! It makes the dining room feel so much bigger. Here's what our room looks like now that it's painted and everything is in it:

We love our little house, and I love our hutch :)


  1. You must feel SO accomplished! Great job girl, keep it up!!!

  2. You did a great job on the hutch, Katy! Jesse and I are trying to find pieces to refinish. Looks like you found a good one!


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