Bringing Shiloh Home!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We got little Miss Shiloh today! What a whirlwind to get her, but so worth all the hard work. She was in the Northern California Beagle Rescue, and being fostered at a vet office in San Jose, CA. We drove 8 hours on Saturday, stayed at a less-than-desirable hotel (oh well) for the night and drove another hour or so to get her this morning. They brought her out and I said, "Oh my gosh - she's soooo little!" The pictures do not do her justice. She's tiny! 

She did ah-maz-ing on the 9 hour drive home. I was nervous, but thank you for the prayers because it worked. She'd cry a little bit when we first got in the car, but never pottied in the car, never got sick, and slept most of the way. She loved being held up to see out the window and was so funny giving lots of puppy sugars and climbing from the floor onto my lap over and over again. 

Lilly Mae loves her. They've played tonight and chewed on babies together side by side. They run like crazies in the backyard when they're supposed to be pottying before bed (and go figure - we come home to a ton of wind and dust blowing everywhere, and Shiloh wants to play outside!), and messing up stuff in the house by running and sliding on the tile. They're definitely puppy sisters and so cute :)

Here's some pictures of her:

just after we got her, coming home

little miss after a nap with her momma

we stopped at a beautiful turn-off in california where
there was a huge, gorgeous lake and big rolling hills 

so snuggly and soft :)

Right now, little Miss Shiloh is sleeping so great in the kennel in our bedroom. She'll sleep in there until she's potty trained and bigger so she won't fall off the bed (she's adorably clumsy and we can't leave her unsupervised on the couch or bed yet). Lilly is curled up at my toes, and looked at Shiloh before she came in bed like, "Why are you in there?!" It's cute :) 

We love her already. Such a cute little fur family we are.

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  1. Congratulations, Katie! Little Shiloh looks like a bundle of love. What a great Mother's Day gift!


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