Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet our newest addition to the family!! She's still un-named, but loved very very much already by us all. As of today she is 5 weeks 1 day old :)

Well, we had the story a little bit wrong. Turns out, she's got all brothers. Another litter fostered by the same woman is a doxie mix and they have the 4 girls in it. But after talking to her foster mom for a little bit, we realized this sweet half-pint is just for us! Her personality is perfect and we've already arranged to pick her up in about 3 weeks. We're still brainstorming for the perfect name, and hope to have it soon. I can't wait to go get little puppy sized collars for her and puppy toys :)

We love her so much already! Even Lilly looks at her picture on my iphone when I say, "Lilly bug, this is your little puppy sister." I think she's going to be a great big sister.

Thanks for sharing in our excitement and sweet-puppy-ness <3


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