Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well - we are loving our new house! We got to Nellis AFB late Thursday night, January 7. As soon as housing opened Friday morning, we were in there to get an application in for a house. After a few ups and downs that day and beginning of next week, we decided on Tuesday to wait for a 2 bedroom house that would be ready for move in February 14. We received a phone call later that day telling us a couple who was offered a 3 bedroom house turned it down, and it was available for move in instantly! We jumped on it, and moved into our beautiful, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house on Thursday afternoon. We spent the weekend moving in and unpacking. 

We've been in our house a week, as of today, and we are definitely making it a home. The boxes are just about all unpacked, now it's a matter of figuring out where to organize everything at. We're having fun decorating and making our house a home. :)

Austen's doing great with his job. His buddy from tech school is on the same team as him, which has been great because I hangout with his wife, Jessica, often. It's nice having someone to hangout with, and someone Austen's known the past few months as well. They live just a couple minutes away in on base housing too. 

School started on Tuesday for me, and I'm adjusting to it. I can't say I'm a huge fan - I miss UNT (never thought I'd say that...with how much I complained about it before we moved), especially that I knew someone in just about every class since I was in all senior level courses. But it's going well so far and I've met a couple people in my classes. They don't seem too hard, which is good so that I can give appropriate time and attention to settling in, as well as my grades. 

As for making friends, so far the only person we've hungout with is Jacob and Jessica. There are times I'm really lonely, but I'm trying to meet new people. Our neighbors are all nice and some girls have invited several other AF wives over for a girls night in a couple of weekends. I'm so excited about that! I've heard stories of girls living on base for 6 months before they meet people and I don't know how that's possible. You almost have to try to not socialize to be in that situation! People are always outside, whether playing with their kids on a neighborhood playground or going on walks, going to a fitness class, or wherever! I'm hoping this weekend and upcoming week, I'll find more time to relax and put myself out there more. I'm naturally shy (ha - who knew?) but it's very hard for me to speak out when I'm in a new environment or know nobody. That's what I've loved about having Jessica here for. She's new too, so we're able to kind of hangout together, and do new things but having someone there you already know. 

As for some adventures we've had so far: we went exploring on Mt. Charleston the other weekend and loved it up there! You're so out of the city, in mountains with 3 feet of snow everywhere, lots of ski resorts and campsites. Ah, it was heaven. BUT we're going to avoid the ski expenses this ski season, wait until all the ski stuff goes on sale at REI and then save up for some annual ski passes for the fall. Until then, we're looking into a rock climbing gym in the area (we know there is one, it's a matter of finding it now that we have internet again). Lilly's excited to get our yard fenced in tomorrow so she can enjoy our big backyard we've got! :)

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