Monday, January 10, 2011

WE MADE IT TO NELLIS AFB!!! Sorry it's taken so long to post something, but for those of you who are military (or have made a cross-country move before) you know how busy it can be when you finally arrive somewhere! We left at 6:30am (central time) on January 5 (Wednesday) but actually got on the road at 9:00am due to getting them weighed and fixed up, ready to go for our big move. We stopped at around 7:00pm (8:00pm central time) and slept like rocks. Then we left at 7:00am (8:00am central time) and headed out again. We drove the rest of the way and ended up at Nellis AFB at 9:00pm (11:00pm central time), but got miserably lost and drove around for a while. Eventually we found our hotel and have been there ever since. :)

We've hung out lots with his buddy, Jacob Swift, and his wife, Jessica, from tech school. They were both in the same class. It's been great having someone else here going through housing stuff and getting settled in like we are. They've both been awesome! We've also gotten to spend some great time with his cousins, Kris and Hope, who have been more than welcoming to us here! They're sooo much fun, and it's great still living around family.

There's Mount Charleston about an hour away from the base here. We are 360* surrounded by mountains here, and there's a small mountain ridge that's covered in snow. Little as compared to the rest around us, because they're mostly desert mountains. We went exploring yesterday and drove up to a ski resort on it and are in love! It's a great mountain, completely away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. We hung out up there for a while, then headed to another part of Mount Charleston and found a little town with lots of houses built into the cliffs, huge chimneys (which means huge fireplaces!), and the cutest quaint restaurant and lodges. We ate a late lunch there, with live music and snow piled 6+ inches on the window panes. They had a huge fireplace, a Christmas tree and wreath still up. Austen and I haven't smiled that big in weeks. We're both mountain and snow people, and it was like we could take a big, deep breath and finally relax. I knew I needed to find somewhere here that made me feel at home, and I'd begun to think the only place that was going to be was a Target (for something familiar), but this? Whoa. No, I didn't live in the mountains or snow, but I always feel so relaxed there, like I could live there. And Mount Charleston was no different. So we're going to look into a few other ski resorts, get annual passes and get ski gear when it goes on crazy sale at REI after ski season, and make that our weekend activity! :)

Housing is going well. I have to go back in again today and Austen might come in later too, once he gets off work. He should have an easy day today - just some briefings and paperwork for in processing. Jacob said it'll be a short day for him and he'll be done by the afternoon. Later this week, we're getting everything situated at UNLV as well for classes that start in 8 days...

We'll keep everyone updated on the housing situation, new addresses, and just how life is here for us! Thanks for all the prayers, they sure were answered and keep smothering us in them as we get settled in and get everything set up here. :)

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