Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love being Austen's wife. Let me just say it loud and proud (like I tell my kindergartners to do when they raise their hands so I see them all the first time, not the fourth time I ask...)! And he's ridiculously good to me. This weekend, he brought me warm donuts in bed on Saturday. Then we went to his parents' so he could do some yard work for them while they were on vacation. He knows how much I love fireplaces and made me a fire while I hungout inside, curled up next to it practically all day. Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday - him doing manual labor while I curled up next to a fire and watched cable t.v. What can I say? I'm not hard to please. :) (I'd like to add - I am not allowed to do yard work, it's not that I don't offer or try to help. I get a little too carried away with the tree limb cutter's cool to me and I overtrim trees. It's been taken away from me.)

The transfer process to UNLV sucks. I am accepted. YAY! Now I get to deal with advisors. I was hoping they'd be more competent than UNT, but no. They're all the same. I told Austen today I should just become an advisor, I do all the work they do for myself but I just don't get paid for it. Figuring out where your transfer credits go into their degree program and what you should take is just not enjoyable. Neither are professors at UNT who are horrible at communication and decide to "grade subjectively now, not objectively"...AKA - if she feels I was not actively participating in a read aloud where she reads to us from a kindergarten book to demonstrate how to read out loud (I do it everyday for my job, it's really not that difficult), then the A quality paper I wrote now gets a B or C. BUT if I nod my head and pretend to be a kindergartner (no joke) and ask age related questions, my C quality paper magically gets an A! And we still have participation points for the class we either get or don't. "Dear Mr. Dean of Education..." No joke, several of us have an appointment to meet with the department chair this week.

I think my new favorite day of the year is time change day where we gain an hour. BEST DAY EVER!

I think I'm going to decorate early for Christmas this year. I always wait until the day after Thanksgiving (to properly give Thanksgiving it's due respect) but since it's our last Christmas living in Texas, and having a better idea of how to decorate since it's my second year in the Denton ranch, I want to go all out for it. Christmas is my favorite holiday because it lasts almost an entire month! I like it even more than time change day. :) Austen, however, likes to sing the folk song, "Christmas time will soon be over!" whenever I mention Christmas coming. It's not funny. He thinks it is. I call him a Scrooge. He laughs, and sings it again. (Deep down, he likes Christmas. I know so. I'm his wife.)

The puppy hunting has been put on hold for me. I'm just wondering if right after moving into our house on base is a smart time to get a puppy. We'll be adjusting to so much, is a puppy really necessary? Maybe by spring break or summer. Or 10 years from Lilly is plenty enough of a baby dog for me! And the best snuggler too. 

Here's some random updates about funny things we do:
1. Austen ninja hunts. There's a guy in his dorm on base dressed up as a ninja, so Austen and 2 other Airmen went "ninja fighting" to try and find this guy. They did, but the ninja (still dressed in black with a ninja mask) was in bed and said he was done for the night. 

2.*deleted based on last name content to protect privacy (5-3-2012)

3. You can call the North Pole and speak to either the elves or Santa. And Santa sounds like a creeper. No milk and cookies for him from the Garrett house this Christmas! Oh, and the North Pole is actually in Alaska. The voicemail says so.


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