Thursday, July 24, 2014

little baby garrett

Austen & I are excited to share that we're expecting our first baby! I'm due February 2015 and we are absolutely tickled to become parents.

I love this ultrasound of our little babe. I was 10 weeks, 1 day when it was taken, but baby was measuring 10 weeks, 5 days. The little dots that are up above its head? Those are its fingers. It had both hands touching its face for pretty much the entire ultrasound. At one point, I laughed, and it un-scrunched its legs and started kicking. At that point, the doctor said she put her bets on a specific gender, even though it's still too early to know for sure. We could see its fingers and toes, even its brain. It was so amazing, and I'm excited to be able to bring Austen next week for another ultrasound I have so he can see the little one, too.

We love this little babe so much already. We are so excited for the next phase of life, and are thankful for this blog to be able to document it and share it with ya'll.

Monday, July 7, 2014

best school moments

July is my only full month off of school, and this morning, I was taking some time looking back at this list, and finally decided to publish it. I thought there were some that are too precious not to share! It's also a great way for me to look back at the positives instead of thinking how tough of a year it was.

Best moments of my first year with first grade:

- Ten weeks into the school year, I became a morning coffee drinker. Now, I cannot imagine mornings with our Breville You-Brew. Loveee.

- My kids gave me a ridiculous number of colored pictures. One told said that I'm kind... Kind Like Josh! That's the foundation that our school is a part of which teaches students kindness like a sweet middle schooler, Josh, who died suddenly and tragically. Precious note from my kiddo!

- I read The Giving Tree while we were studying plants, and one of my little guys started crying, but just wiped his eyes real quick so nobody else would notice. I had to choke back tears when I saw him. Melt my heart.

- Our AP made a comment during morning announcements of, "Summer is just around the corner!" and one of my little guys started looking around going, "Which corner? Where?!"

- All of the moments I'd say, "Find your pockets!" and, "Where are your pockets?" to remind them to sit down on their bottoms, or pockets.

- I told a little guy at the end of the year to walk, that he wasn't a bouncing ball.

- During reading week, I dressed up as Belle in her blue dress and apron. My kids told everyone all day long that I was Belle-before-the-yellow-dress. My girlfriend, Melyssa, was Snow White. However, her class said she wasn't because she didn't have puffy sleeves. Ya'll, we don't live in the '80s!

- I read Oh, The Places You'll Go! on the last day of school. I got choked up a few times, but had two hysterical firsties at the end of it. They were inconsolable. I guess I'll think twice about reading that book next year...

- Frozen. The last week of school, we'd take singing breaks whenever Frozen songs came on our iPad Disney radio. Sometimes, you just have to let them be 7 years old.

- During reading week, we had an author come in as a guest speaker for an assembly. She used to have dog sled teams and was telling a story about how her littlest dog got trapped in a break in the ice, and fell into the water. She couldn't get her out. The teachers were all a little teary, but then I noticed one of my little guys was crying. Same little guy who cried in The Giving Tree. Precious little peanut!

- "Mrs. Garrett, you do have kids. Lilly & Shiloh are your babies!"

While I miss my firsties, I am really soaking up summer vacation! I'm just not ready to go back to teaching, yet. ;)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

all things texas

Our annual summer Texas vaca to visit family.

It's my favorite. As in, I look forward to it all. year. long. This year was no different. Except the fact that my parents moved out of their 5 bedroom house with a pool and into our old 2 bedroom house in a college town.

Plus side, Austen & I love that little house. Negative side, no more floating in the pool on my vaca. Womp womp.

Here are some iPhone glimpses ((since we left our fancy schmancy camera)) at our Texas trip:

We were really excited to have been able to be back in town just a few days after my momma's birthday, and during the week long celebration of my littlest sister's 22nd birthday. I think she wore out the phrase, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!" ;)

My parents also bought a house while we were in town! It's a fixer upper, like a gut job kind of project. However, what it's lacking in usability, it makes up for in being across the street from an equestrian farm. Seriously, how could you beat this view? And from your front porch?! Needless to say, we can't wait to move back to Texas and spend Sunday dinners there. Oh, and plus side, it has a pool!! Yay for spending my summer months floating around aimlessly again... ;)

With all of the excitement of my parents putting in an offer and contract on a house, and our knowing that we'll be back to Texas for good in less than 2 years, we talked a lot about where we'd like to live. Currently, we're planning on buying back the little old ranch styled house my parents are living in. It was mine & Austen's first house, back before we moved out to Nellis AFB. Nothing is set in stone, but they've agreed not to sell it until we come back and decide either to buy it, or buy something else. Of course, I'm already thinking of where all my hydrangeas will go, and the hubs is looking at plans for building a garage and fence. We just love this little house.

Overall, we so enjoyed our trip back home! It was time well spent with family and friends.

The countdown is on, ya'll. Only 23 more months until we're back in Texas for good. And we cannot wait.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

july's summer goals

June was such a wonderful, refreshing month. I finished my first year of teaching, we were able to take our summer Texas vaca to visit family and friends, and I was able to relax a lot by the pool with sweet friends! Overall, I think June brought more joy than any other month has so far this year.

Here were our June goals:

1. Finish the wintery x quilt top, and bind my swoon quilt.
2. Swap the guest room and office...again.
3. Eliminate clothes and excess in our bedroom. Maybe rearrange a shelf arrangement? 
4. Buy ((or make)) a new wreath for our front door.
5. Spend time back in Texas!!
6. Buy a Texas flag for the outside of our house. I could not find a Texas flag anywhere in Texas! Seriously, ya'll?! 
7. Cook or bake 3 new recipes.
8. Start couch to 5k. There's talk of the Disneyland Tinker Bell 1/2 marathon next spring circulating throughout my family, so I kind of need to be able to run 1 full mile if I'm going to sign up for 13.1! ;)

I was also able to check a few things off from past months that I had kept putting off, like changing out artwork in our house, and swapping a silk flower arrangement in our dining room with a Fiddle leaf fig plant ((which I love)). Those little things have made such a big difference in the way I feel about our home reflecting us and not just a particular style. I'm continuing to learn that things don't have to be a matchy-matchy style to feel put together. When it reflects your personalities, it will have a sense of connection. 

my parents' new neighbor! more to come on that exciting news ;)

So, for July, here are some goals to keep me productive during the only entire summer month off:

1. Read 1-2 books. ((mark of the lion and the nesting place))
2. Make an IKEA trip with Melyssa ((& maybe have the hubs chauffeur us there)). 
3. Declutter furniture we no longer need.
4. Finish organizing my school materials.
5. Finish a quilt I started!

I am so, so excited for July. I am looking forward to catching up on house projects and just taking it easy. I am learning to embrace and treasure the slow, sweet moments this summer. 

Now, if ya'll will excuse me, I need an ice cream sandwich to truly savor the summer... ;)
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