Monday, December 15, 2014

a texas thanksgiving weekend

I have done really well this pregnancy about knowing when I'm feeling irrational and being able to control my emotions. Earlier this week, Danica and I were emailing about joys of pregnancy, and I told her sometimes, you just have a moment. I knew at the beginning of the week I was going to cry soon. Who knew it would be so dramatic that I couldn't get control of myself for an hour and just sobbed into my husband's lap?

My cause for tears were not completely justified. We were having a discussion about holidays spent with family and I missed my family, wanted to be able to make our own traditions in our home while still spending the holiday with our families, and essentially make everyone happy (aka: be in three places at the same time with everyone). Since that's impossible, I cried. And not cute little tears. No, no. I'm all congested after my fever late this past week, so it was big ugly tears with boogers and me huffing and puffing trying to pull it together, just for Austen to look at me and I'd lose it all over again.

So in honor of the whole I-miss-my-family moment I had, I thought I'd share some pictures my dad took during our Thanksgiving visit. We simply went into my parent's backyard for an impromptu photo sesh for their Christmas card. My parents have the sweetest 10 month old foster baby, and while I wish I could share pictures with his cuteness in it, we can't on social media. Just know, he totally steals the show in the majority of them!

At this point, my mom was sitting on the tree swing and fell off. Clearly, we all had some mixed thoughts about this (I'm also wondering if little pea punched me at this moment, the way I'm grabbing my belly and my cringe makes me think maybe she had)...

I'm convinced that my bump looks bigger in pictures than in real life. Even my sister-in-law made that comment in Texas after we took a picture together. She looked at it, looked at me and said, "Your bump looks much bigger in pictures than it actually does right now!" Yup. I'm still surprising people by telling them I'm pregnant (which makes me wonder if they just think I'm fat?), but hey, if that's what it takes so I can still fit into my loose fitting, flowy pre-pregnancy shirts then so be it.

I wish I could share the pics with our foster brother in them. He seriously is such a little joy and his faces in the pictures were too stinkin' precious. It is a great practice though, to publicly share less in a world where everything goes on social media. It reminds me of the verse that says how as everyone admired baby Jesus, Mary stored up all those memories and kept them close to her heart. Not everything has to be public, not everything has to be shared. Some things are memories best kept close to our hearts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

our texas baby shower

We had the sweetest time back in Texas visiting family and friends. Our families threw a baby shower for us our last day in town, and we were beyond blessed by it! It was a funky weekend to have a baby shower (right after Thanksgiving), but we loved getting to see the family and friends who were able to come out for it.

I'm going to try to not overwhelm ya'll with pictures... ;)

My mom-in-law rented out a cute plantation styled house that has a large room on the lower level of the house for events. My momma put together decorations for the mantle, including a monogramed wreath with her initials: SLG. The wreath is going up on the door to her closet with a gold hook. 

My sisters, Lauren and Megan 

My sister-in-law and mom-in-law 

My sweet momma and I! This baby shower would not have happened without her.  

Megan prayed over the baby and I, and at this point was praying for my labor & delivery... 

Chuggin' from baby bottles for a game.  

Maddie called Austen to ask if there was anything we wanted as a baby gift. He said he had seen these teddy bears made out of alpaca fur that were incredibly soft, and Maddie was able to find one in the CO Springs area!  

A Polish styled baby dress from Auntie Lo. 

Of course, she'll be rocking some AF onesies! Can't you just picture this with a big giant bow in true Texas fashion, ya'll?

As I unloaded all of our baby gear into the nursery when we got back home to Nellis, I could not help but realize how blessed we are! It didn't sink in until I ran out of hangers for baby clothes and started washing baby blankets (since I've been told to wait to wash clothes until she needs them). I'm just in awe of the generosity of our sweet family and friends!

One more baby shower to go, but this time, celebrating with friends here in Vegas! And much closer to little pea's due date. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

december goals

I love the holidays, and cannot believe that we've celebrated our anniversary in October, Thanksgiving in November, and now we're onto Christmas! January will be the hubs' birthday and February is baby time. I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

November's goals were: 

1. Finish little pea's baby quilt. 
2. Recruit my sister to help me find a nursery rug and organizational stuff for clothes she won't yet be wearing, etc. while she's in town. 
3. Make big pots of chili and wassail for friends after the Thunderbirds Homecoming Air Show. Instead of chili and wassail, Austen made us slow smoked pulled pork, seeing as it was 83* that weekend and my sister was in town, who had never had his BBQ before! Mmm. It was delicious.
4. Attend Las Vegas' Boots & Booties baby shower for military and spouses (I've heard it's an incredible experience).This was hosted on November 1, and was absolutely incredible. It was such a blessing to be a part of this event!
5. Bind the wintery X quilt, and get cozy with it on our last road trip before baby. 
6. Eat my heart out at Thanksgiving in Texas. 
7. Hug all the people I love at our baby shower thrown by family in Texas!

December's goals:

1. Celebrate our first Christmas at home in Vegas (seriously, we have always gone somewhere else for Christmas!), making new traditions as a soon-to-be family of three. 
2. Declutter Christmas decorations that don't have meaning or aren't the style we're going for anymore.
3. Plan for my long term sub during winter vacation.
4. Keep decluttering the house! Less is more, less is more. Specifically: the guest bedroom, master closet, master bedroom nightstands, and laundry room.
5. Work my way through Ann Voscamp's advent devotional. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hello, third trimester!

Praise the Lord, we're in the home stretch!!!

how far along: 27 weeks, officially in the third trimester!

baby size: Two weeks ago, she was measuring 2 lbs exactly and just over 13 inches long. We'll find out again this week at my appointment with my perinatalogist.

baby's progress: So far, she's looking great!  

weight gain: Let's not even go there right now... I'm not sure where the weight all went but I'm still being told I'm "all belly" (I know I'm not...) but the scale seems to hate me. 

stretch marks: No, and thank goodness. Since the scale hates me, I'm sure if I started to get stretch marks, I'd probably cry my eyes out right now. 

sleep: I wake up after a couple of hours to pee, but it's not too bad other than that. I have started to get bizarre labor & delivery dreams. They're even weirder than some of my pregnancy dreams have been. 

movement: Lots of movement, especially in the evenings when I'm laying down more.

best moment this week: Austen put the crib together and I am almost done with her baby quilt! I am literally beyond excited with how it's turning out. It isn't perfect and I've definitely done a better job with other quilts, but I really love the colors and gold polka dot flannel as the back fabric.  

looking forward to: Her baby shower this weekend!! I can't wait to see family and friends that we love and celebrate her sweet life. Oh, and then get to share her name on social media (!!!). 

food cravings: Pineapple with raspberries. My grocery list to Austen said, "fruit - 2 pineapples" even though we're going out of town in the middle of the week. And always, chicken tacos. 

weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing weird, really. I had a moment on Sunday night where I didn't know if I wanted salad or strawberries. Then, I wanted strawberries on my salad but wanted Caesar dressing not a vinaigrette. I seriously stood in the kitchen for a good 2-3 minutes contemplating this with Austen (he deserves a medal for putting up with my weird food issues). Ultimately, I went with a regular Caesar salad. 

anything making you queasy or sick: Not too much. The nausea has come back, and one spell of morning sickness when I got soap in my mouth in the shower. I am well stocked on my zofran before our road trip because I really don't want to be "that pregnant woman" on the side of the road like I was for our Colorado road trip. 

labor signs: Nope

what I miss: Skiing. I follow what Brian Head, Utah posts and all their pictures of snow and the new lift have me aching to ski down the mountain. I also miss my work clothes like high waisted skirts. I'm tired of wearing the same pair of work pants and two pairs of jeans.

symptoms: Lots of kicks and elbow jabs. Lots of bathroom breaks, and now the reappearance of nausea combined with exhaustion. Whoo.

things that suck: Finding cute tunics that I can wear right now and wear after little pea comes. I don't know why this is so difficult for me, but I'm having the hardest time finding ones long enough! I really want to wear them with leggings so that I can escape my work pants an extra day or two each week, but covering the bump and being a work appropriate length is proving to be difficult. I keep stalking anthro for good ones on sale, and was recently told to look at Forever21 too. Anyone else have good places?!

things that don't suck: love feeling her little kicks, as long as they are not directed at my bladder. I can tap and move my belly around and get her to kick and wiggle back (I'm sure I'm really just pissing her off until she kicks), but I can't wait to go back to Texas where family can finally feel her! 
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