Friday, June 24, 2016

friday loves vol. 5

Our last Friday in Las Vegas. This is so bittersweet, so I wanted to share some of our favorite places and parts of the city that never sleeps from our local perspective.

lyfe kitchen
Our go-to restaurant! We found this place when I was pregnant and instantly fell in love with its organic, locally grown menu and how food allergy friendly it is. I was dairy-free for Sophia for over a year and I could always count on eating something delicious off of the menu without feeling like I was missing out. 

donut time off of Charleston
The best donut place in town. It's open 24 hours a day and seriously delicious. A sweet friend of mine told me about it and when I mentioned it to Austen he informed me that he already knew it was the best donut place around. Practicing self-control here is really hard.

the district at green valley
There are so many cute shops with palm trees wrapped in lights lining the cobblestone center street. I love being able to take Sophia on a little walk that ends with some time in the splash pad. It's perfect when Austen's running errands nearby but we need some play time, or when family is in town and wants to gamble at a local casino (aka: not on The Strip). There are farmers markets, music nights, and all sorts of sweet events held here, too. 

I will so miss this place! Austen's been into half a dozen quilt shops, either with me or his grandma + great aunt, and his first response was, "It's so big." And it really is. I will especially miss their fabulous sale room. 

It's been forever since I've last been, but it's the cutest little coffee shop in Summerlin. If you need a little dose of something other than Starbucks, this is somewhere I recommend! It has a very young, hipster feel to it that totally spoke to the hipster-college-town girl in me.

mt. charleston and red rock
Mt. Charleston is one of our favorite places to escape the desert heat. There are so many great hiking trails of various difficulty levels and lengths, from short hikes to over night trails. There is a darling little restaurant with cabins; we spent our first anniversary up there and it was so sweet! There's a small ski resort that I've heard is decent for being so close to the valley (we always went to Southern Utah).


Monday, June 20, 2016

sixteen month snapshot

I cannot believe our babe is already 16 months old. Everyday she becomes more like a big girl and less like a baby, so I am completely soaking up our co-napping and mornings spent cuddled on the couch. I know these days are numbered.

She absolutely loves any and all music. There are speakers in the rocks at the park we go to and she stops at every. single. one. to dance for a few seconds before moving on. She will dance on command to, "Show me your moves!" in a little head and butt bopping move. Seriously, so cute.

Her favorite foods include chicken, avocados, blueberries, and whatever momma's eating. We call her my little bird because I can't eat without her begging for my food. Even at dinner time, she has to make sure that I'm eating the same thing that's on her tray in order to be content with us eating together. If not? Momma's got to share. 

My sweet little reader. She loves Gaston and reads it with a whole lot of /g/ sounds. Be still my teacher heart. She also loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear but usually turns straight to the white dog page. I had to put away Puddle Pug because she was about to destroy it out of love. 

We are still working on sleeping through the night. If you're one of those people who complains that their infant doesn't sleep through the night yet, don't say a word about your sleep woes to me. We've got a combination of waking her for meds during the night, said meds that give her really awful nightmares, and a babe who wants to co-sleep but tosses and turns wayyy too much for that to be an option. We're about 50/50 for sleeping through the night (or at least waking up once) and needing one of us to sleep on the floor by her crib all night long. 

She's a pro at temper tantrums, especially if you take something away from her. There is only one quilt that she will sleep with; to hell with all other blankets. Her dog obsession is still going strong and Lilly can fix all of her problems. We aren't quite sure who she got her organizing skills from, but she would rather sort her toys by item than play with them. She absolutely loves blocks! If I need her to be occupied for any extended period of time, blocks will do the trick. She also loves to stack them with all one color side facing up. Seriously, this girl and her OCD organization crack me up. If it lets me heat up my coffee or go do my hair, I'm all for it. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

friday loves vol. 4

We are in the throes of packing our house for the cross country move, so I feel like everything I've been loving lately revolves are productivity of packing. So coffee is my #1 right now. I'm actually trying to control my coffee consumption, because I'm borderline out of control. I'm talking coffee in the late afternoon because I'm exhausted (hello, toddler) but still have to pack (hello, moving). I'm a simple coffee girl in the mornings: freshly ground whole beans Whole Foods Blend (the perfect blend of light + dark beans) with hazelnut almond creamer + almond milk. On my coffee runs later, I'm an iced caramel macchiato made with coconut milk kind of girl. Always.

Lots of dance party breaks are keeping our sanity. It helps that my kid is adorable and has the best little moves.

Word World on the iPad when I need to pack without little hands "helping". We lock the screen and enjoy 30 minutes of her fully engaged in a non-dangerous activity.

If you haven't read the life changing magic of tidying up I highly suggest that you do. I read it back in November but have really been going through it now that we're packing up. It is so good. We donated the majority this past fall/winter, but for every box we pack, we've had at least 1/2-1 garbage bag to donate. My goal is to live like minimalists in Texas (except quilts, I will forever hoard quilts).

Friday, June 10, 2016

friday loves vol. 3

Summer break was kicked off with a weekend in the triple digits and no sign of cooling down anytime soon. Although the base pool is fabulous, it's still really really hot outside. I knew Sophia liked this infant/toddler floaty from last summer, so we took the plunge (ha) and bought her one this summer. She loves to be in the pool, and now momma can rest assured that she's not going to leap from my grasp in the water.

One of my most prominent pregnancy cravings was pineapple, and it really hasn't slowed down any the past two years. It's especially yummy in the summertime. So of course I had to make a pineapple quilt, buy a ceramic pineapple candle, and gold printed pineapple fabric. My MIL even gifted Sophia a stuffed pineapple from their trip to Maui. We are out of control.

When the baby needs a nap and I need to get out of the house, we head to the starbucks drive through. I'm a huge fan of their iced caramel macchiato made with coconut milk. The plus side is Sophia is typically asleep before we make it home and easily goes back to bed on the couch. Win, win.

This song is on repeat in our home lately. I can't get enough.

And fyi: today is the last day to enter the Freshly Picked moccs giveaway happening on my instagram! All you have to do is follow me + tag a friend (or five).
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