Wednesday, May 27, 2015

memorial day weekend

I flew back to Texas for memorial day weekend with Sophia, and my grandma flew in from Chicago to surprise us! We had such a sweet visit with family, and it was not nearly long enough. Thank goodness there's only 6 more weeks until we go back again. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

life lately in photos

As the school year comes to an end, I am reminded me how much has changed in the past year. Last year this time, I hated my job. We were trying to get pregnant. I made a crazy goal of sewing a swoon quilt start-to-finish in two weeks. We had a little condo up in Utah that we escaped to on weekends.

Life is so good, literally, almost perfect right now. I love my job, my coworkers, my administration. We have the sweetest little pea we could have ever dreamt up. I'm still sewing like a crazy woman (and loving every second of it!). We don't have that sweet condo anymore, but we are planning an incredible road trip this summer throughout the west.

Sometimes, I'm in complete awe that this is my life.

I am so blessed.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

#webeelate quilting bee

One thing I love about quilting is the community. I think it has always been a social past time. Back in the day, women quilted together in quilting bees. They helped one another with blocks and the hand quilting. Austen's great-aunt still gets together with a group of friends to quilt together. They have the most beautiful hand quilting. For me, I have two sweet ladies here in Vegas who have taught me different quilting techniques like appliqué and paper piecing.

Instead of having a sit-down quilting bee, Samantha Dorn (@aqua_paisley on instagram) came up with this long distance sort of quilting bee. She created guidelines, the main one being that you have to use Bonnie & Camille for moda fabrics. Of course, those "hives" filled up quickly. But she recently shared her bee hive information, and new hives have been formed!

Each month for 8 total months, I'll be making two 12" blocks for two other ladies in our hive. Each month, I'll receive two blocks from two ladies. Total, I'll end up with 16 blocks (one I make for myself) made from various B&C fabric from around the United States. I love this.

We got our hive assignments on Wednesday and I about squealed all evening long over it. Seriously, I hit the jackpot. There are 15 other insanely talented ladies in this hive! I'm a little intimated, and ridiculously excited.

I want to share each month the two blocks I make for others, and the two that I receive! As a test run, I made a bowtie block using daysail fabrics.

Quilts tell stories. I am so excited to have a sampler quilt made from blocks of various ladies across the country who share a love of the same fabric and hobby. This quilt will tell a lovely story of keeping an old tradition alive, despite miles.

Monday, May 11, 2015

#spellitwithmoda quilt

Summer is nearly here, which means my quilting marathons are thisclose. I decided on my maternity leave to finish up some of my work-in-progress quilts, one of those being this cute #spellitwithmoda quilt. Essentially, the ABCs, which seems fitting for an elementary school teacher to make.

I decided to make it scrappy, using up scraps of fabric that I had. All of the actual letters are made using solid fabric while the backgrounds are different patterns with white sashing. I like that it keeps some sort of unity to the scrappy. I think I'm going to make the borders using the same white fabric as the sashing, and potentially a second border that's scrappy, too.

I found all of the patterns by sitting for a few hours one afternoon clicking from one moda designer to another to get all of the patterns... I think I saw Camille Roskelley publish a blog post that linked to all of them, but couldn't find it when I went back to look for the letter R.

I absolutely love how it turned out. I can't wait to quilt it when I learn how to long arm next summer and cuddle up with Sophia and other littles for movie nights.
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