Monday, April 27, 2015

two months

age: two months
stats: 9 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long
clothes: 0-3 month, and some 3 month

Zosia is her Polish name

favorite foods: still all breast milk
favorite words: lots of cooing, especially when she's laying flat (on the changing table or playing on the floor)
favorite activities: nursing, taking baths, and she falls asleep almost every time she goes in the car
least favorite activities: coming out of the tub, pooping, and tummy time
favorite things: still loves soothie pacifiers and playing on her mat that has toys above 
signature moves: talking while she's being changed, sleeping with her hands by her face

dad's proudest moment: He's finally able to do more with her this past month, so no goof ups yet! Once he started to heal on his shoulder enough to hold her again, he got sick for a week and kept his distance until he felt better.
momma's proudest moment: During our trial run while I left her with my girlfriend who watches her during the day, she was hanging out in a baby swing when I got back. My muscles were a little shaky from having just worked out, and there was a hanging mobile above her. I totally picked her up straight into the mobile. Lindsey and her husband laughed saying it takes some getting used to when you have to maneuver them in and out of that swing.

other milestones: She picks the front of her body up during tummy time, has lots of arm and leg movement on her tummy, too (which makes me think crawling will come easily to her). Her tummy troubles are basically gone, but I still can't have any dairy. She looks at Austen & I when we talk and will smile at us even (which melts Austen every single time). Sophia has lots of baby gibberish, which is really stinkin' cute when she's telling stories to you. 

As much as I hate to see her get bigger, this age is so fun! We're loving that she's becoming more interactive with us and really showing her (sassy) personality. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

dining room inspiration

I remember reading Shauna Niequist's bread & wine and thinking how she talked about the dining room table being the center place of the home, but I always felt that ours was more like our family room sectional. I always felt drawn into the family room. Our sectional is huge with oversized pillows and all around cozy. People love it. Over the last several months though, I have noticed friends gravitate towards the table. We'd have people over, and everyone would automatically sit down in the dining room, and stay there. It sort of makes me smile because while it's pretty to look at, the chairs aren't all that comfortable and there's only 4 (rarely do we only have another couple over, 6 is more like our happy number when entertaining), so I never really saw us as "table" people. With that being said, I think it's fair to say the table really is a gathering place, and I want our dining room to really reflect us.

I hate waiting to decorate though for the "someday-home". That's how I felt about the player piano and Amish fireplace. Why wait for beautiful pieces?! So, I've been gathering some inspiration for redecorating the dining room. I'm not sure how it'll work here, but I want to try a little.

We know when we move that we'll be investing in a new dining room table. One that's handmade with character, and benches. I also know that somewhere, I will find room for a big hutch for all of my Polish pottery. I also think decorating with some dark blue accents will compliment the Polish pottery nicely. Plate walls are so cute, and I already bought a letter for each of our first names from anthropologie and would love to find plates with meaning throughout the years to add (like alma maters or hometown courthouse squares). Here's a little bit of inspiration for how I'd like our dining room to come together:


and aubry's plate wall is amazing

Austen & I first saw the color mindful grey by Sherwin Williams on a Fixer Upper episode, and loved it. While I feel like we typically gravitate towards light, warm neutrals, I'd love to give a soft grey a try in our "someday-home". 

Painting won't happen here, because it's silly to repaint just for a year, only to repaint it to white again. I'm not sure where we'll put the watercolor print and plate wall, but definitely want to play around with it! Worse case, we'll just put things back to how they are right now if we don't like it. I sure do have the itch to change something about our decorating style, though!

Monday, April 13, 2015

#bikiniseries goals

I am beyond excited for the Tone It Up bikini series that kicked off today! It's 8 weeks of daily workouts that this new momma needs to get back in shape before the pool opens. I have a couple of blogging friends who use it and am so excited to give it a try! My sister, Lauren, is my accountability partner in it and we've already started texting about which workout we used for 30 minutes of intensity this morning. ;)

I wanted to write out what my five goals are to accomplish in the next 8 weeks, and hopefully post some before/after pictures.

1. Fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. 
I hated maternity clothes, like with a passion. I had realistic expectations coming out of pregnancy and into mom-hood that I wouldn't fit back into my old jeans right away, and almost 8 weeks later, I still don't. My goal all along was to be able to wear them again come summertime, so I'm really hoping the TIU bikini series helps me get there.

2. Lose the last 20 lbs. 
I gained 50 lbs in my pregnancy. I know, your mouths all just dropped. I know my non-mommy friends are thinking, "I'd never..." but I thought the same thing. I didn't let myself go and eat whatever I wanted, though. I know my body and before pregnancy, I had a super smoothie for breakfast, a small lunch (cheese and crackers, an apple with pb, or greek yogurt with fruit), a snack then dinner before 4:30pm. When I got pregnant, that schedule was gone because suddenly it was 8:00pm and I was STARVING. Not eating only made it worse, so I gained weight. In 8 weeks, I've lost 30 lbs but I would love to lose those last 20 or so to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. 

3. Drink 1 water bottle with lemon eo a day.
Lemon essential oil helps to detox your body, and my goal is to drink 1 water bottle of it a day, preferably in the morning. I carry a water bottle around with me all the time regardless, so it'd be really simple to just fill up my glass bottle with a drop or two of lemon oil to start my day off right.

4. Go for a family walk each night. 
I plan on doing each of the workouts daily for the bikini series, but also really enjoy our little family walks in the evening. We love to put Sophia in her solly wrap and take the dogs to Freedom Park on base for a little stroll. It gets the dogs' energy out while winding us all down before bed.

5. Eat only raw foods after 4:30pm. 
This goes back to what I said under my #2 goal. I really wish I could go back to my old schedule, but with breastfeeding, I have to keep up my milk supply. Hydration and nutrients are key to that. While I'm slowly seeing my body get back to its old schedule, there are nights when I am hungry later. I've been pretty good the past week or two about only eating raw foods after 4:30pm but really want to make sure this is a conscious effort! Lots of sweet potatoes and apples with pb lately. 

If you're going to be participating in the TIU bikini series, I'd love to know so we can help keep each other accountable! I am just so ready for those old jeans to fit again and feel good in a bikini by the pool. That's really all there is to do in Vegas during the summer, and we have a beautiful pool to lay by and splash in on base! I'm ready to feel - and look - ready for summer. :) 

Friday, April 10, 2015

the swiss army knives of essential oils

A couple of weeks ago, I was about to place a Young Living order and offered to some local friends to order for them, giving them free shipping and my distributer discount. I had a few take me up on the offer, but weren't "oily". They asked where to start. 

I completely understand where they're coming from. Essential oils can be so overwhelming. There's hundreds of single oils, countless blends, and different brands. Where to start can be so daunting, it's easy to just not start using them.

Keep it simple, ya'll. My recommendation (which was given to me by my momma) is to start with two: thieves and lavender. They are like the swiss army knives of Young Living. Both of them are incredibly versatile and are always stocked in our home. Here's just a couple of reasons we love them and how we use them. 

- 1 drop on the bottom of each foot for immune support, or when you feel a sickness coming on
- diffused to kill germs in the air and help prevent other family members from getting sick
- rub your finger along the ridge of the bottle (just to get the oil residue) and then on your baby's teething gums to help with discomfort

- 1 drop on the bottom of each foot, focusing on the big toe, to help with sleep
- 1 drop rubbed behind the ears (never inside!) for ear infections
- 5 drops + 2 tablespoons corn starch for a homemade baby powder

The uses for these two essential oils are endless, ya'll! If you've been interested in essential oils but seemed overwhelmed, don't be. Start small and simple, then go from there. Feel free to email me (katie.sweetpeas at if you have any questions!!

Do ya'll have any favorite, you've-got-to-try-this uses for essential oils? 

disclaimer -- Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.
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