Friday, July 29, 2016

friday loves vol. 8

1 || We had something to return to Williams Sonoma, but their return policy had changed so we were given store credit that had to be used that day. Austen gave me a couple of his favorite items in the store, all things we needed, and asked me to pick. We ended up getting a new toaster (#adulting) and a burr grinder. I think we are officially hipsters with our coffee in a chemex.

2 || There has been light rain here off and on all week, and after a light shower that lasted a couple of hours, Austen mentioned he wanted to pull up just the bushes that were in front of our porch. I teased him saying he should pull them all out, you know, Pokemon Go style, "Gotta pull them all!" I took Sophia out of her bath and noticed he was getting after all of them! Be still my acts of service loving heart. There were 22 bushes to start with (I know...) and he got 18 of them pulled. We're waiting on the last 4 to determine if they'll stay with the landscaping there or not.

3 || Purification + Lemon in the diffusers is my new afternoon pick me up. In the evenings, it's Cedarwood + Lavender. All the heart eyes.

4 || Speaking of Cedarwood + Lavender. I've been putting this combo in the babe's nursery at night and our non sleeper has been sleeping until 5:00am! We bring her to bed with us at that point because mama loves a snuggle, but we can barely believe it.

5 || Taco Tuesdays. We have a Fuzzy's Taco Shop right by our house and Taco Tuesdays are about to become a thing at the acre house. $1 tacos and lots of laughter around our sweet table.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the acre || backyard style

There were so many selling points in our house, but one thing we loved is the huge backyard + covered back patio. Ya'll, when I say "huge" I really do mean it. It would seriously make Joanna Gaines see hearts with all of the possibilities and its natural ability to fit an oversized farmhouse table. We knew we wanted the backyard to have an eclectic, almost hippie feel to it with some farm flair mixed in. We live in a rural community, so there are lots of farm animals around us. There is nothing like going for a walk as a little family and seeing chickens roaming on front porches. We love it so much, we hope chickens and goats are in our near future. Well, I'm hoping for goats...the husband is not quite convinced that we need pygmy goats running around. Regardless, our backyard needs to be accommodating to some small animals (+ the dogs and babies), as well as be visually pleasing.

Here's some of our inspiration for our backyard and patio.

So who has tips on chickens + goats, and who thinks we are absolutely nuts for wanting a little farm in our backyard??

Friday, July 22, 2016

friday loves vol. 7

1 || I have the sweetest quilty friends. My girlfriend and I organized a personal swap between four of us using dwell blocks from Camille Roskelley's book simply retro in cotton + steel fabrics. They are really bold and modern, sometimes even funky fabric patterns. Two of the girls finished their blocks to mail to the rest, and I got the most darling package from my sweet friend, Angie! Not only are her five dwell blocks absolutely lovely but she put in some thoughtful extras. I immediately washed and put away the Wisconsin starbucks mug with my other "you are here" mugs. So sweet!

2 || Candelles freshly brewed is my jam right now. I love lighting it in the evening after the babe finally falls asleep. It is the perfect coffee house scent; not bitter at all with a hint of hazelnut.

3 || Austen took Sophia to the store for 30+ minutes while I set up her nursery. Her room is the sweetest. We chose to set up the nursery in the darkest, quietest room of the house so that it can remain the nursery and we can move her out into a big girl room when we need the nursery for another baby. I put up a pair of blackout curtains and dark decorative curtains over them since her room does face the west. For the time being, it's a very simple set up since there's still no carpet in the bedrooms. We currently have her in the pack n play since putting together and taking apart her crib for carpeting seemed like an unnecessary pain in the butt. I cannot wait to continue putting together this sweet little room of greys + golds with touches of soft pinks and bold purples.

And yes, I fully recognize that the picture is not "social media quality". But when you have a toddler, crappy lighting (hello, it's a dark room for practical reasons), you deal with what you can get. I'll show ya'll pretty pictures once our carpet comes in.

4 || I love the pictures my family gets of Sophia now that we're all together again. She is absolutely perfect, in my completely biased opinion.

5 ||  Austen & I both agreed that we wanted this home to stay as clutter free as possible so that we could have family and friends over without the stress of picking up in a hurry. We went through the life changing magic of tidying up twice while we lived in Las Vegas, and are unpacking slowly. Just taking the time to make sure we have a want and need for each time we keep. I'm honestly loving the slow pace of settling in. There's very little on our walls right now, just a handful of necessary items are in plain view; everything else is organized away in closets.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

the acre house || in progress

For a week after Austen made it back to Texas (11 days after the babe and I moved home), he and my dad worked their tails off to update our house. They painted all of the ceilings white, the walls a warm grey, installed canned lights in the kitchen as well as in the front entry. They ripped up carpeting in three bedrooms, which was quite the project considering our renters had a cat and Austen + my parents are allergic.

While the boys worked on the house, my momma and I stayed home with two toddlers under two years old. There were nights that I wasn't quite sure who had the harder gig. ;)

There are handfuls of things we will continue to update and work on, but we wanted to be sure that the big ticket items that would be difficult to live in while they were completed got done before our move in date. We were so happy with how a little paint and some canned lights could completely change the feel of the house, and that no carpets got rid of the smell we all so hated!
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