Friday, August 28, 2015

#webeelate minis

I'm always inspired by other people's homes and the way they decorate to personalize their space. There's a few styles I really dislike, but mostly when a home is too pinterest-y. I like it to be custom and unique, not straight out of the IKEA magazine. One thing I really love are seeing people's sewing rooms. So much color, great organization, and little mini quilts on the walls. I'm obsessed with them. I have 3 more that I want to make for my own mini wall! 

I was beyond excited when the #webeelate swap decided to spoil another hive-mate with a package. Everyone basically gifts mini quilts, and no one complains! They are darling. I was so excited to be the secret buddy for an insanely talented NICU nurse in my bee hive. Her instagram feed is full of quilts in bright colors, and lots of pinks. I wanted to make her something fun and playful. The tiered cake block was perfect as a mini!!

I chose to straight line quilt it in the white space only, and then bound it with the grey bias stripe fabric from the b&c line April Showers. It is my absolute favorite for binding with. I gifted her some fun little goodies to go along with her mini!

Then in the mail a couple of weeks later, I got this precious heart shaped mini from the sweet gal who does long arm quilting on my quilts!! She is beyond talented, and when I saw an envelope in the mail from her I kept going through in my mind what it could be. No, it wasn't her month to send me a block. No, I hadn't ordered any fabric from her. No, I hadn't sent her any quilts... I was so surprised and excited to find this cute mini for me!! 

It's already right at home on my mini quilt wall. I can't wait to add more minis to the wall! I keep picturing my sewing room/playroom in the attic above the garage as a very neutral space - white washed floors, white walls, big comfy rugs - with so many colorful mini quilts pinned on the wall, lots of bright fabric peeking out from built-in shelves, and baskets with the little's toys and books. Seriously though, the minis have my heart. Quick, fun, and beyond adorable hanging together on a wall! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

quilts lately in photos

After Sophia's 2:00am feeding one night/morning, I saw on instagram that Camille Roskelley of thimble blossoms (the daughter of the mother-daughter duo of Bonnie & Camille for moda) liked my picture. I know she's a real person just like everyone else, and heck, I have a friend who is friends with her, but it was like a compliment that what I make is lovely.

All of the b&c lines I've been sewing with are insanely beautiful. I love good fabric. I'm such a wishy-washy person about what I like more: neutrals and low volume prints, or bright bold patterns that pop. So glad I don't have to choose and can sew with them both.

A pineapple quilt. Yes. Just yes.

That grey + white sprinkle yardage has me swoony. Sometimes, I just look at it and pet it. I'm finding low volume neutrals that I love and am planning a big quilt for our bed. Oh, and an all solids quilt. Those are another year or so away because my to-do list is ridiculous right now.

Mini quilts. I love them, especially in the form of tiered cakes.

Friday, August 21, 2015

six months

age: six months
stats: 15 lbs 5 oz and a little over 24 inches long (both right around the 50th percentile)
clothes: a handful of 3-6 month, but mostly 6 month

favorite foods: still all breast milk
favorite words: lots of babbling. she mastered "ba ba ba" so I joked she now needs to say "babcia" (bob-cha) for my mom! Austen's pushing for "dada" to be her first word, but I'm working for "dupa" (ass in Polish)
favorite activities: blowing spit bubbles (aka: spitting on everything), sticking everything in her mouth, and basically all of life. this is one happy girl!
least favorite activities: waiting to nurse and the whole 3 minutes it takes in between getting out of the bath and getting the boob (so her diaper, lotion, and clean jammies put on is a scream fest)
favorite things: her frog wubbanub pacifier, mine and Austen's hands (she loves to hold them), attention, petting and cuddling Lilly & Shiloh
signature moves: screeching out of sheer joy, laughing after she sneezes or toots, and boot-scootin'-boogie-ing everywhere instead of crawling

the boot-scootin'-boogie! 
she arches her back and pushes with her feet to scoot around on her head. she finds it wildly funny. my little mess. 

dad's proudest moment: I had to go to the hospital for some blood work on the 18th, and he said he'd stay home with her if I left after nursing her and putting her to bed. I came home about an hour later to see the two of them in her play space he made for her (that's for another blog post, seriously, the cutest thing ever), laying on their backs, him reading a baby lit book to her while she just screeched happily along with him. The dogs were running about, hyper from the noise. It was mass chaos, and absolutely adorable. 

momma's proudest moment: We struggled with sleep for a couple of weeks there, and one morning she woke up before 6:00am so I brought her to the family room. I strapped her in the mamaroo with her paci and I curled up on the couch. I have no idea if she slept at all, but I woke up about an hour later when Austen came home. The baby was quiet the whole time, and I was thankful for the little bit of extra sleep. I got up and promptly made myself some coffee.  

other milestones: she rolls over both ways - she can sit up with help - she is so close to crawling - she can stand up when she's holding your hands - she has stood up holding onto the baby gate for a second or two independently - she makes lots of baby sounds with consonant+vowel in different pitches - she is very (almost too much so at times) observant - some stranger danger - she looks for us when we're talking and smiles the biggest toothless smiles when she sees either of us - she reaches for Lilly & Shiloh whenever they're nearby and loves to pet them

Monday, August 17, 2015

so we cried it out

The cry it out method of parenting. It's totally controversial on whether it should be done or not, and then controversial within those who believe in it on how it should be done. Do you comfort them at all throughout the crying period? If you do comfort them, after how long of crying?

At five months old, Sophia has started to sleep in her crib at night. I feel like I have a newborn all over again. She'd sleep for 2-4 hours at a time, and she was up for the day at 6:30am. I was longing for the days of her sleeping 8+ hour stretches. My coffee maker and I were good friends again, and I had signed up for a Starbucks rewards card.

With Austen's schedule, I couldn't let her cry it out because it would mess his days/nights up. I knew something had to happen though because she was breaking out of her swaddle and waking herself up, or getting very close to rolling over onto her stomach in her swaddle, which scared me since her arms were pinned down.

He went back to Texas to get some stuff lined up for a little over a week. Cue my time to rid Sophia of the swaddle.

Night #1: She wouldn't fall asleep unless she was holding my hand. So she slept in her bassinet pulled right up next to my bed and I hung my arm over the edge all. night. long. She nursed like four times (all for comfort, I know) and twice fell asleep in my arms in bed with me. We were desperate for sleep. She didn't nap really at all the rest of the day and didn't make it to her bedtime.

Night #2: After an early bath, lotion, clean jammies, nursed and rocked, she was laid down in her crib. Swaddle-less. She instantly woke up and started crying with big wide eyes. I gave her the paci, told her I love her more than life, and walked away. I did that for 90 minutes. At one point after I had to pry her little fingers off of my hand and she screamed, I closed her door, sat in the hallway next to her door and just cried. Lilly even came to check on me and put her head in my hands while we just sat there outside of her door. I went in every 5 minutes or so for the first hour, but realized if I let her go about 15 minutes, she was calmer. So I gave more space in between my times of going in the nursery to comfort her.

Night #3: She had a really hard time napping all day without her swaddle, so was completely tired for bed. It took about 40 minutes worth of putting her paci back in her mouth and patting her butt every 5-15 minutes, but she did it. And she woke up only twice in the middle of the night.

Night #6: Sophia quickly developed a good routine for sleeping without a swaddle in her crib. Her diffuser goes on with either lavender or cedarwood for naps + bedtime. She nurses before each and we rock for a few minutes until she's in a light sleep. Once she lays down, she either rolls right onto her side, holds her hands, and sucks on her paci to fall asleep or fusses about for a couple of minutes before doing that. She wakes up no more than twice in the middle of the night and is back to sleeping until 7:30am. All the praise hand emojis!

After about a week of cry it out, she began to realize in the middle of the night, I would come if she cried and rock her or nurse her. So she started to wake up every 2 hours. Ah, heck no. So after a few nights of that becoming a habit, we had to cry it out in the middle of the night, too. We really didn't have as tough of a go-around with cry it out in the middle of the night as we did at bedtime. I always make sure she is fed and clean before letting her put herself to sleep. She's also a tummy sleeper, so if she's having a hard time on her side, I'll help her roll to her tummy. That usually does the trick for her. She still wakes up about every 3-4 hours, and mornings are early in our home at right around 6:00am with her wanting to take a 45 minute nap at 6:30am... We're working on breaking that right now and just sleeping until 6:30am. Momma is struggling with that one, hard.

Ya'll, there are controversies over every single method of parenting. One professional will tell you to do X while another will say under no circumstances should you ever do X, always do Y. It's confusing and frustrating. What I have learned is listen to it all, and do what works best for you. Sometimes it's all what one professional says, but usually it's a combination of multiple views. I knew that Sophia had to learn to comfort herself, and this was our week to learn it within without making our home a living nightmare for all of us.

Having her cry it out was the hardest thing I have had to do as a momma since she's been home from the NICU. But my sister reminded me this is the first of many tests as a parent. I have to stand strong so that she can learn coping and comforting strategies. Next, I'll have to learn how to discipline. Until then though, we'll enjoy our good nights of sleep, decent naps, and sometimes breaking the rules to cuddle + nap together.
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