Wednesday, October 29, 2014

six months...

Holy 6 month mark... I'm not even sure where the time has gone. I'm officially in the last stretch of my second trimester and prepping myself mentally for the scheduling chaos that is to come with both my OB/GYN and perinatalogist wanting to see me all the stinkin' time. Also, for the magic that is the glucose test. At least I've heard it's a lot like flat soda, and that I can handle (at least, I hope).

how far along: 24 weeks, which is 6 months!!

baby size: She's weighing 1 lb 8 ounces and measures just over a foot long. Oh, and apparently my uterus is the size of a soccer ball... 

baby's progress: Lots of movement. I can now see my belly move as she kicks which is both completely freaky and amazing at the same time. At her biweekly appointments, she's looking good! I've had a few people tell me they think the doctors will make the decision to go with a c-section (random?). Guess we'll see as it gets closer. 

weight gain: Right around the 20 lb mark. Not going to lie, that was a tough one for me. After working so hard to lose 25-30 lbs and then seeing the scale go up again... I struggled. I also think lots of bloggers post about their weight and it's assumed to gain such small amounts. Apparently not for me! I'm trying to keep it healthy though and have made a few changes (aka: less snacks) and have noticed myself stay pretty even on the scale for the past couple of weeks. 

stretch marks: No (thank goodness because the bump is really growing now!), but I'm still using Burt's Bees mama bee belly butter. 

sleep: Not so hot. It's better than when I was sick a few weeks ago, but I have a harder and harder time actually falling asleep as my belly grows. We got a tempur pedic body pillow a few months ago when I needed to force myself to stop rolling onto my stomach in my sleep and it is such a lifesaver! SO worth the extra money.

movement: Lots of movement! 

best moment this week: Lilly came over, snuggled up, and put her head on my belly (like she always does) then got a swift kick to the head by the baby. It completely freaked her out and she is pretty content to cuddle down by my knees now.

Another great one was getting up from the couch a couple of Saturdays ago and fell onto my knees and hand. I'm talking the whole nine yards: crack-smack sound. Austen jumped up and I was laughing saying I couldn't move, it hurt so bad. He pulled me up and I had the sudden urge to pee, but walking sounded too difficult and I started crying as he laid me on the couch. I just laid there crying while he rubbed my hip saying how it hurt, and I had to pee. He asked if the baby was okay, and I said yes. I finally got up and cried the whole way back to the couch, realizing the only way I would feel fully better was if I had chipotle. Needless to say, he got me chipotle. 

looking forward to: Finishing her nursery! We need to put the crib together and my goal for this weekend is to make a Home Goods run to find a rug. I found a couple of contenders at Target but none that I really think will work well, although I did find her curtains and got those hung. Just a little color and texture from curtains and a rug makes such a difference in these all-white-everything base housing homes.

food cravings: Pineapple. And crockpot chicken tacos. Not necessarily at the same time, but mmm.   

weirdest food I ate this week: Apparently some think pineapple with chocolate chips is strange. It reminds me of chocolate covered pineapples, which you can get on those fruit bouquets. 

anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really this past week. For some reason, my weekends are when I feel more nauseous than weekdays. I'm assuming I just slow down enough to notice it while during the week, it's go go go. I don't have time for nausea during the weekdays. ;)

labor signs: Nope

what I miss: Mixed drinks. I could so go for some pineapple juice with skinny girl vodka right about now.

symptoms: Besides her round house kicking my insides... Lack of sleep. The need to pee, and pee right away (it feels like she sits on my bladder or kicks it when I stand up, which leads to me feeling like I need to go asap). Extra hair growth (and not just on my head... your armpit and leg hair grows faster too... you're welcome for that.). Hormone swings! 

things that suck: Bending over, whether it be to tie your shoes or get a pot off the bottom shelf in the lower cabinets. It's just not comfortable or graceful.  

things that don't suck: Now that she's putting on weight, her ultrasounds are too dang cute! She's got a little button nose (totally from Austen) and kissable little lips. Her registry is pretty much done, and invites have been shipped for our Texas baby shower right after Thanksgiving! We also got the book that spells out her name in it (which we'll use to announce her name) and I love it. It also doesn't suck to be pregnant when all the good smelling candles, scentsy bars, and pumpkin-everything is coming out! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

little pea's quilt

Confession: I wish this quilt would cut itself out. I know realistically it's not that much to do and I've made much bigger quilts, but I just want to sew it all together. On the plus side, since I really want this cutie done, it is motivation to get a move on it. ;)

Originally, I thought we would do a natural nursery "theme" with accents of turquoise and gold. Then I put a turquoise knitted blanket against her crib and sort of kind of hated it. I tried to convince myself that I liked it... but couldn't. I caved and got some radiant orchid fabric and fell in love. I decided that shades of purple and gold accents were the way to go. Her nursery furniture is just so deep in color that the purples go well with it.

Here's where the fabric for her quilt came from:

gold polka dots flannel
I got this from JoAnn's probably a year+ ago and loveee it. It has big gold polka dots and is seriously the softest fabric! Even Austen said, "Ooh," the first time he felt it after it was washed and worn in a little. I'm using it for both her quilt top and as the backing. If there's extra, I might even try to make a cover for her changing table pad out of it! It's just baby perfect. I can't lie, I wish I'd bought more of it (I think I got 3-5 yards) and could back a quilt in it for myself.

I had my eye (and heart) on some designer fabric of gold bows, but then I read in their fine print that it is ideal for drapery and pillows. It was not made for multiple washes and a baby quilt will definitely be washed a lot. In my heartbreak search for another gold fabric, I found this! I seriously love it. It's about $10 a yard, but JoAnn's always has coupons and sales, and a teacher discount! ;)

I don't even consider this fabric pink. It's much more of a radiant orchid color! This fabric is what we used to determine that we wanted to go with shades of purple for her nursery and not turquoise. We held up this and the turquoise knitted blanket against her crib and liked the look of the cherry wood with the purple much better.

This is one of my favorites. It is precious in those little dandelion wishes! I also love the tone of the purple with the others since it's a nice, light shade.

This one is so, so similar to the silver metallic polka dot one. Their shade is almost identical, but this one has some darker polka dots mixed in which I like! It's polka dots are also smaller, but I'm going to try to avoid putting it next to the silver metallic polka dots fabric, just in case. 

Probably the darkest purple of the fabrics, and it has a great graphic on it that reminds me of arrows. It's not overwhelming and I like pulling in the arrow feel with the rest of our outdoorsy fabric and accents we have happening.

I wasn't sure at first what pattern I wanted to use for her baby quilt, and originally thought something traditional like flying geese, but just wasn't set when I was looking at patterns. Then I refound this modern triangle quilt pattern from See Kate Sew. I realized that it would be perfect for little pea's nursery! I'm not usually a fan of modern quilts, but really like this one. I might add a border, depending on how big it ends up being and if it'll work for a toddler cuddle quilt. 

Now to just get up motivation to cut out all those triangles... 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

a wintery quilt

please forgive my crappy iPhone lighting in these pictures! it was super late when I finished the quilt and wanted to snap pics before sending it off to be long arm quilted in the morning. I know they're blurry and I seriously need to get in the habit of using our good camera. blah. I'll post good ones once it's back!

Now that that's out of the way...

I hadn't done any sewing since I started and finished the oversize queen swoon quilt back in May. First trimester seriously kicked my butt and sewing was not on my to-do list (well it was I just couldn't get up the energy to do so). Last weekend, I finally had the drive to get my wintery X quilt done! Austen & I just love this quilt and he said I should have it sent to Abby Latimer to be long arm quilted. That was just the push I needed to finish!

This quilt was a pain in my butt. It started with me trying to make Y seams (which are super hard and I don't even know how to do them) and hating life. Then, I was given the suggestion to make an idea board and put it up on there before sewing. That was exactly what I needed, but then I realized it didn't quite fit so I was left fumbling around with extra squares and making sure I got all of them before I sewed anything. Then came the issue of seams. The white squares were actually too big and couldn't have a 1/4" seam while the little squares needed just a 1/4" seam... Do you have a headache yet? I did by this point. Then came the issue of how to make the edges straight instead of zig zag. Don't even get me started when I had to round the corners...

It was never a simple quilt, but I completely loved the pattern and the sweet wintery fabrics! There are Christmas cookies, snowflakes, hot chocolate, mistletoe, partridges in pear trees, stars, and stripes in red, green, silvery blue, white, and grey. The cute factor is what kept me going, and the fact that it was just a lap sized quilt. Anything bigger and I don't think I would have finished! ;)

I decided to go all out with the cozy factor and use a wintery designed flannel for the back fabric, that way it is extra cuddly for cold winter nights. The front is really bright with the fabrics and white squares, while the back is dark with red, green, white, and black. It'll attract all the dog hair, but it will be so cozy I just couldn't help it!

I had it express shipped to be long arm quilted in hopes that it'll be back to me before our final road trip before little pea comes. The thought of driving 18 hours one way with only 3 days back in Texas before doing it again, all while being 7 months pregnant... I'm going to need something to get cuddly with to keep myself somewhat comfortable in the car! My hope is that this will fit the bill and be the perfect size. Plus, what better time to break out the wintery stuff than the day after Thanksgiving (or the day before in this case). ;)

Monday, October 6, 2014

october goals

PRAISE THE LORD, IT'S OCTOBER!! Besides Christmas, this is my all time favorite month. From the weather finally cooling off, to our anniversary, and then Halloween (aka: I can eat lots of reeces pb cups), it's all around a good time.

Here's how my September goals went:

1. Finish our friends' baby quilt.
2. Find fabric for little pea's nursery quilt. The last of her quilt fabric has shipped and I can't wait to start putting it together!
3. Declutter the guest bedroom once and for all! I have 2 bags from the Utah condo to go through and determine if they're keep or garage sale worthy, but other than that, it's looking pretty decent in there, so I'll count this as a yes.
4. Survive my first month of school with 27 second graders. Make that 29... And today, 6 of them moved to our new 5th teacher on grade level. So yes, we survived.
5. Get the house clean for some update pictures. 
6. Blog-a-day with Bailey's September challenge! I missed a few days in there, but overall, really enjoyed it.

And here's my goals for October:

1. Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary at a nice dinner, and wedding band shopping for me (YAY!). 
2. Finish our friend's baby quilt, seeing as their son came 5 weeks early from pre-eclampsia, I probably should actually finish his quilt!
3. Organize my first real garage sale (tips are very welcome!).
4. Have little pea's main nursery furniture put together, and find a rug for her room. 
5. Get her baby quilt fabric cut. Maybe even start on her quilt!
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